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September 07, 2010


Karen Adair

You're a beautiful woman Shannon with a good heart. You already know it's worth it...that's why you're teaching the rest of us. :) Take heart!


I think about those kind of things a lot with the nerve damage in my back. If I lived in a different time, I'd have no medicine and no heating pads to ease the pain. It really makes you want to be grateful for every little thing.

Man, 34 whole weeks! I hope one day I can have a baby, but right now the idea still frightens me a little. You handle pregnancy and everything that goes with it like a champ! :)


I am the commenter who spent 20 weeks on bed rest and I must say that 34 weeks is such a good place to be. All 4 of my kids spent time in the NICU, tubes, tubes, tubes and aching arms. You are doing a valiant job and every day in is one less in the NICU, which is a wonderful, horrid place.


Bless you, Shannon. I got my twins to 34 weeks exactly, after nearly losing them to twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome at week 18. 34 is a good place. They only spent 2 weeks in the NICU and have been a couple of pranksters ever since. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

Laura Z M

Congrats on hitting this milestone! Yay for 34 weeks! In your honor, I have written you a cheer:

Go! Shannon!
Go, go, go! Shannon!

Even though you're feeling crummy,
Keep those babies in your tummy!

Go! Shannon!
Go, go, go! Shannon!


My Baby B was also breach until just a few days before delivery. I have no idea how the little guy managed to twist around in there but he did. Both boys were able to be delivered without a C-section too which I know isn't the norm but it is possible. So don't give up hoping for that yet! 34 weeks is a terrific place to be!

Je Reve

Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon!

Mary-The Sweet Bookshelf

I'm still riding this nausea band wagon, and it seems to be getting worse with every passing month. I'm trying not to complain...but that is hard.

Feel better, and I hope this week on bed rest is better than the last!


Hang in there. You're doing great, and at least you know there's a purpose and an end to it. Eyes on the prize.

Anna Elliott

Yay for 34 weeks! Thinking of you and the wee ones! And that's exactly it--when I have been 8 and 9 months pregnant and STILL having the horrible nausea, I would remind myself how many women have to cope with infertility--how many would love to be in my shoes, nausea and all, but maybe never will. Pregnancy is an uncomfortable blessing to be sure, but still such a blessing.


Twins are such a blessing. I'm praying for you! :D


I can't tell you how fun it is for me to get to know a different side of you. I'm full of sympathy for your bed rest (I can't even imagine how crazy I'd be in your shoes!) - but reveling in the fun of reading your posts every day!

Heather S.

34 weeks is a fabulous milestone! I love reading your honest posts and remembering the discomforts and fears I had while carrying my twins. I know it's hard and miserable, but there is nothing like feeling two little ones wriggling inside you. As you keep reminding yourself, every day they stay put is a blessing. Mine are now 2-1/2 and the best of friends. Being a Mom Of Multiples is amazing. Hugs and prayers!

Samantha R.

Hi Shannon

Bed rest is no fun. I had to do just a few days of it when I was expecting my nine-month-old and it was tough, both physically and mentally. The body aches were awful! I have tremendous respect for people who have to do it for an extended period, like you and my college roommate with her twins, because it is very difficult. It sounds like you've got a really positive attitude about where you'll be spending the next six weeks and some good support from your family and your peeps online!

Your experience in Paraguay really underscores how fortunate women in the U.S. are today to have the kind of medical care that we do. Like you said, you know how your babies are doing and what you have to do to keep them Inside for as long as you can. It would have been totally different for all of us 100 years ago.

Best wishes,


Christy Grigg

Congats on 34 weeks!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Now, I know you don't usually post pix of your kids, but is there any chance that you'll post pix of the babies? Only if you feel good about it, of course, but pleeeeeeze.


OMG! My mom's friend from work is also 34 weeks!!! She's barely walking and is going on bedrest. You rock!!!!! can you read this? http://nileslibya.wordpress.com/ click on her story is published here


Great job on getting to 34 weeks! I wish there was more we readers (of both books and your blog) could do while you're on bed rest. A few ideas come to mind such as: seeing movies that you've meant to watch but never had the time, catching up on magazines, even staring off into space (which is actually very beneficial to the brain as explained in a Newsweek article The Hidden Brain: What scientists can learn from 'nothing' found at: http://www.newsweek.com/2010/05/31/the-hidden-brain.html )

The babies will come when they are meant to come-just do what you can and maintain reasonable expectations for yourself. Even coping and counting off in single days helps them to grow a bit more but don't feel like a failure if they decide to come earlier than you would like. You are and having been doing a great job as a mother for both them and your other two or three if you count the times when your spouse acts like a child-but that never happens in any marriage does it ;).


My selfish half is rejoicing at your bedrest because you've been posting pretty much every day. My unselfish half pities you immensly(I don't think I spelled that right).


I'm going to have to agree with Elisabeth: I'm enjoying all extra posts! Wishing you the best :)

Julie Tate

Hi Shannon, my triplets stayed inside until 35 weeks and came out breathing and eating on their own. I had 13 weeks of bedrest, the final 2 weeks in the hospital. But we all survived, thank goodness, thanks to modern medicine and medical care, and there are no shrines to dead babies at my house...just much chaos! Take care and best wishes...Julie (Halversen) Tate



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