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September 15, 2010



Wow, these are amazing. What talent. You do inspire greatness, Shannon.


These are all so cool. :)

Je Reve

I am loving ma-hannah's Enna. Everyone is almost exactly how I was them in the book.

Live long, Brood-Mother!

Maureen E

Yay Rosalee! (I know her from the Megan Whalen Turner LJ community.)

These are all really great, especially the first two!

Shannon Morris

So fantastically adorable!!! How would it be to have such talent!!! You guys are awesome!!!


Nerd Goddess also has an awesome Etsy store, full of many things bookish & nerdy: nerdgoddess.etsy.com. I personally am in love with her quotation mark earrings. Pester her enough and you might just convince her to start selling figurines like the ones above.

Also, "Borrowing Finn" is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh, Enna-Girl.


Glad you liked it, Shannon. And egads, you found my fanart of The Goose Girl! I'm weasleybabe24! :D

Wow, my head is kind of spinning now.. XD

Nathan Hale

Wow! Cool stuff! Really love Punzie and Jack and their double wink.

Morgan B.

What amazing art! They're all fantastic artists.

I've been reading your earlier posts, and I can relate a little with what you're going through on bedrest. I've just had scoliosis surgery two weeks ago, and much time is spent either on my back or on my side. Instead of babies developing in me, stiches and bones are healing. Books like yours are great whenever I'm feeling a bit of cabin-fever, though!

Jon S. Lewis

Thy look fantastic, Shannon! Isn't fan art fun? I hope you and the bambinos are doing well!

Jon S. Lewis

BTW, make that "they" look fantastic . . . I don't want Dean coming after me. He's much too big. Not that "thy" don't (or is it doesn't) look fantastic too, but I was referring to the art. It's fantastic!

Debbie (Celes)

Oh, hey, that's me!

I'm "Nerd Goddess" (in some parts of the internet) and I approve this message!

There is also a Miri figure I added later on, and I'm planning on rounding out the rest of Shannon's gang... at some point...

Love all the rest of the fan art! Such gorgeous stuff.


I LOVE the Brood Mother! And the caption next to it! Art is not one of my gifts. It would be so fun to be able to illustrate my favorite ideas. The fan art is amazing also.


Wow. I love the one that looks like cover art. I would SO buy that book, even if I wasn't already aware of how amazing it is. I kind of miss covers that look as though they've been done by hand, even if the digital ones do look really cool and fancy.

Isabella Kiss

Those are fantastic!!! I really like the black and white one by hil-a-ree. Gorgeous.

(and ps: I am glad you don't look like the brood QUEEN from x-men. That would be terrifying.)


These are awesome! Thanks for sharing them, and high fives to the artists!


I hate that I have no artistic talent. These are amazing pieces of art. Also, I would borrow Finn too. If I was younger (and of course, single) I would be chasing him big time! Don't tell my husband...of course, it's impossible to make him jealous so it probably wouldn't matter!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Wow. The artwork is beautiful. It makes me jealous and wish I was an artist. Thanks for posting them!

Shauna Call

Just wondering where are Brood Mother's cankles?! Wish I were so talented at drawing.
Hang in there!

Miss Erin

Ohh wowww, I love all the artwork. Amazing stuff. That third one, of Enna, I'm especially in love with. All so brilliant, though. Wow.

Miss Erin

Ohh wowww, I love all the artwork. Amazing stuff. That third one, of Enna, I'm especially in love with. All so brilliant, though. Wow.


Borrowing Finn? I think that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually like all of them. Truth!!!


Those are all amazing. I love them.

Lois Moss

We used the one of Enna that hil-a-ree did in the YA Fantasy Showdown. I think it really captures her. Great job on all the others, too, everyone. "Borrowing Finn" is especially hilarious.


omg mah drawing o///o It wasn't really that good, but I'm glad it amused people :3 I have stuff on Shannon's blog :D I feel special.


These pictures are amazing!!!

Princess Luna

well your books are pretty amazing,you have to confess......Im sure no one can read your books and not evan draw at least draw a stick figure.And theese picture are totally awsome,my favorites....well I cant really say cause they are all good.....but borrowing finn was pretty funny!!! =D


So I am an avid follower of your blog but I havent checked it lately. I get on today and I find this??? AMAZING.OH MY HECK THATS MY ENNA DRAWING. * is flattered*
wow. I love everyone elses pictures too.

lol the first brood mother is adorable.


WOW congratts to all the people that made it on this page- I've actually talked to a few. MY favorites are hil-a-rees and the few just above it.

Thanks Shannon for your writing- hopefully I'll follow in your footsteps someday.

Amelia Freeman

They are all so cool!!!


Ohhh... I love these, especially the first one!


These are all great; I especially like the one of Enna and the one that looks like a book cover. Amazing! And "Borrowing Finn" is hilarious.
If I ever somehow manage to get published, at least fans will be able to draw my characters-- I have no artistic talent to speak of, unfortunately.

taobao china

Fantastic night shot with great colors and reflections. Happy new year!

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