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August 13, 2010


Karen Adair

#2 Macbeth, #5 Romeo and Juliet, #6 PRINCESS ACADEMY and I'm going to slap my forehead when I figure out the others.

Here's my one liner. The new girl in school becomes strangely addicted to one alluring pale boy who seems hell bent on killing her.

Karen Adair

Sorry #2 is Hamlet. Wrong shakespeare work. Duh!


hahaha these cracked me up. I need to share them with my friends :-)

#1 - The Sun Also Rises
#2 - Hamlet
#3 - The Scarlet Letter
#4 - The Oddessy
#5 - Romeo and Juliet
#6 - Princess Academy :)
#7 - stumped me there. Maybe Madame Bovary?
#8 - Ethan Frome

As for my own one-liner...An emo teenage boy wanders around in a red hat talking about ducks and trying to get drunk or laid.

Jared Garrett

1. The Sun Also Rises
Hemingway really gets at the heart and soul and core of permissive living.

2. Hamlet
Shakespeare certainly knew how to combine Oedipus complexes with unhealthy revenge issues.

3. The Scarlet Letter
Wow, that Hawthorne guy exposes the perils of sin and pride so very well!

4. Sounds like The Odyssey
This book is so full of masterful metaphor and sweet simile that it is a living, breathing (although it's in a book) allegory.

5. Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeare, even though you thought he could top A Comedy of Errors, once again pens a sidesplitter of hilarious coincidence and unbelievable characters!

6, 7, 8-- I have no clue! Sorry.


I think # 3 is Scarlet Letter, though I've never read it. I plan to, though....

# 4 is Odyssey.

Karen Adair posted # 2, 5, and 6, but I recognized them, too.


A group of kids are stranded by themselves on an island with no adult supervision. They fight among themselves.

Two men resemble each other, with disastrous consequences.


I think I want to read #6.


thought I would share answers to mine:

Lord of the Flies


Tale of Two Cities

And here is another one. Dickens is just too ripe:

Stingy man, plagued with ghosts, turns over a new leaf.


My husband and I were just saying how movies come across sounding terrible this way too, especially (for some reason) Pixar movies. I've learned that the worse a Pixar movie sounds from its summary, the more I will love it. I mean, a clownfish who gets lost, leading his father on a massive search? Lame-o, I cried...and then I saw it. Superhero family tries to blend in to everyday life? More lame-o, I cried...and then I saw it. Enough said on both accounts.

As for books: Five sisters strive to get married because their father left their childhood home to some random cousin.

(Yup, I thought that was lame, too...and then I read it:)


Unfortunately all the ones that I knew right away have already been named. I have a strange desire to read #7 though, so I'm curious to find out which one that is.


Man murders wife in a fit of jealous rage over what turns out NOT to be an affair on her part.


#7 is Madame Bovary

Random group of travelers entertain each other with stories.

Impoverished orphan girl gets a job, tries to marry her boss, but his first wife gets in the way.


Emilie's is Pride and Prejudice...


is your first one Canterbury Tales?

And the second Jane Eyre?

Enna Isilee

1. The Sun Also Rises (haven't read it)

2. Hamlet

3. The Scarlet Letter (I LOVE this book!)

4. The Oddessy

5. Romeo and Juliet


7. I first thought this was THE AWAKENING, but I'm not sure. (haven't read it)

8. Ethan Frome (also, haven't read it)

This is so fun. More, more, more!

Princess Loucida

I think all of yours have been answered. Here are some of my own:

A young girl almost falls in love with a engaged man, is almost forced to marry a preacher and ends up marrying a man old enough to be her father.

A girl pretends to be her thought dead twin brother and falls in love with another man while a woman falls in love with her.

And the book I'm writing right now:
A girl is yearning for her missing family, but instead of finding them she goes with a princess to visit the prince whom she steals from the princess.

Yup, pretty lame.


2. Hamlet
3. The Scarlet Letter
4. The Odyssey
5. Romeo and Juliet
6. Princess Academy
That's all that I knew without looking at the comments.


This cracked me up!


5. Romeo and Juliet
6. Princess Academy. :-)

And to add my own...

"A young girl relishes in stealing books during wartime, and finds solace in the written word--namely, her own."


To amend the above statement...

"A young girl relishes in stealing books during wartime, and finds solace in the written word--namely, her own, as well as a fist-fighter's scrawled pages."

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Karen Adair's is TWILIGHT.

Ashley, is yours CATCHER IN THE RYE?

Suzanne added A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Princess Loucida's second one is TWELFTH NIGHT OR WHAT YOU WILL, but I'm not sure about her first one.

Hannah's is THE BOOK THIEF, and I think I've run out of room.

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Jen's is OTHELLO.

A motley group of guys go on a journey to destroy a piece of jewelry, but most of them get distracted enroute, until only two of them are left to finish the deed, and even they can't do it without help.


Kathleen's is THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

I'll have to think on this one. I was laughing so hard when I read the Princess Academy one.

Amy M.

Ethan Frome... that was a weird one.

"A man spends a lonely, cold winter with his hypochondriacal wife and her young cousin. He is too wishy washy to deal with making any sort of decision about it, and instead goes along with her plan of suicide." Just lovely.

"Two well-off Englishmen take in a young girl off the streets of London for use as the subject of bet, without telling her so."

"A gypsy girl falls in love with a womanizer, while simultaneously becoming the object of both a deformed man's affection and an archbishop's lust."

"A girl is raped at a high school party and spirals into depression, refusing to speak for a year."


Princess Loucida's first one is Emma by Jane Austen.

Amy M's second one is Pygmalion, and the third is The Hunchback of Notre Dame (thank you Disney!).

Here's mine: Four sisters deal with the tragedies and triumphs of growing up in Civil-War era New England.


Frogster's is Little Women.

A young woman suffers through metal abuse at the hands of her aunt, losing a friend to cholera, and getting played by a married man. In the end, he gets his by going blind.

Princess Ani

A girl with a murderous man living next door goes to the trial for a man in jail.


A convict takes custody of an orphan girl and spends most of his days in hiding.


Extreme sledding!!!! Hahahahah! I'm seeing X-games. That one KILLED me. I'm okay with Edith Wharton, but I hated that book.

Okay, I've got one:
A rich heiress with a mysterious past is abandoned at her boarding school.

- Frances Burnett


a shipwrecked man visits many strange places such as a land of midgets, a land of giants and a place ruled by wise talking horses.

a man who was once abandoned as a babe in the reeds wreaks havoc on the family that saved him.

kirsten peter

hilarious, as usual.
digging the mad cow angle.


This looks fun!

Gulliver's travels and the Ten Commandments!

"A mentally challenged man's brain is operated on, he becomes alcoholic, romantically involved with two women, arrogant and thoughtless."

"A group of children enter a fantasy world through a cupboard where they fight a witch, talk to beavers and lions, betray each other, and go to war."


Can't come up with all of them, just four, sorry :(

2 - Hamlet
3 - The Scarlet Letter
5 - Romeo and Juliet
7 - Madame Bovary

Bonnie, I think it's "Les Miserables"

Here's a couple from me:

"A man gets a mail by mistake and starts to invade a couple of psychiatrists' private correspondance by censoring and adding his own thoughts to the mix."

"A guy tries to win back the love of his life after she married someone else by giving lavish parties and ends up getting killed stupidly."


Ok, I didn't peek at the other comments, but here goes:

1. ??
2. Hamlet
3. The Scarlet Letter
4. The Odyssey?
5. Romeo & Juliet
6. Princess Academy!
7. ???
8. Ethan Frome


Ethan Frome is actually just as awesome as your summary makes it sound. My high school English class had great fun with the suicide by extreme sledding portion of the book.


scientist tries to rise a man from the dead, is horrified with his creation, abandoned monster kills the scientist's family, feels bad, then kills himself.




1 - The Sun Also Rises
2 - Hamlet
3 - The Scarlet Letter
4 - The Odyssey
5 - Romeo and Juliet
6 - Princess Academy
7 - Madame Bovary
8 - Ethan Frome

How about this?

Two drifters, one mentally challenged with a habit of accidental murder, get a job at a ranch, where one kills a girl and the other kills him.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

A married man locks his wife in a tower and falls in love with a governess who is several years his junior- a frightening love story where virtue is constantly threatened and always at stake.

Shannon Morris

A happily married woman becomes friends with a happily married man and they have a happy, yet somewhat complicated friendship.


HAHAHA! Stephanie's JANE EYRE made me laugh.

A girl falls off a swing, gets ill, spends a lot of time in her room and realises she's been really bad and decides to be good.


A girl with a long name and long hair goes on a long trip to bring the girl to her prince who thinks he is a guard but actually a prince, she talks to the wind, geese, and a crazy horse, while her maid tries to marry the prince who is the prince but we think hes a guard.
Gotta love books


I laughed out loud :-)

I am a huge fan of your books and I love to write. I always have trouble finding titles for my stories, though, and I was wondering if you had any advice about that.


Four children stumble upon an alternate world ruled by a lion while running from their crazy housekeeper - conflict ensues.


1. Twilight

2. New Moon

3. Eclipse

4. Breaking Dawn

5. Princess Acadamy

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Thought I'd try this with my own books...

Single mom makes her 26 kids, apparently from different fathers, sleep in an old boot.

Traveler is rewarded for being the most gluttonous thief in his new town.

A trio of witches attract mates by destroying their homes.

A young girl walks the streets at night only to be picked up by an older man.

The President of the United States abandons his responsibilities and runs off to be with an older woman he once loved.

Rick Walton


These are all real books, not works-in-progress like some other posts.

1. Innocent country girl is raped and impregnated by a spoiled rich boy, loses the child, and eventually ends up committing murder and being executed. (One of my favorite books, believe it or not)

2. Convicted criminal evades the law and the criminal underworld while raising a dead prostitute's daughter.

3. Poacher fights other children to the death in a gladiator-type arena.

4. A drug lord's clone escapes fate as organ doner in an opium-producing country.

5. A man named Jack murders a family, leaving an orphan boy who is raised by ghosts in a cemetery.

6. Innocent monster is driven mad by rejection and kills off pretty much every character. (I hate this book)

7. Delusional old man fights a windmill and falls in love with a prostitute.

8. Man travels through the nine circles of hell.

9. Popular pamphlet recommending rebellion against the government.


So Many Bunnies (HarperCollins)

Bullfrog Pops (Gibbs Smith)

Pig Pigger Piggest (Gibbs Smith)

A Very Hairy Scary Story (Putnam, the older man is her father)

Mr. President Goes to School (Peachtree, the older woman is his kindergarten Teacher)

all picture books for young kids.
Interesting how words can shape perceptions, how facts can be a lie


2. Hamlet
3. Scarlet Letter
5. Romeo and Juliet
8. Ethan Frome

I feel like I should know the others... my HS English teachers would kill me.


An old man tries to catch a fish.

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