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April 01, 2010



After last year's April Fool's post, I can't believe anything you say in this one...It might sound realistic, but I don't know...I'm still recovering from a Miley Cyrus Goose Girl movie!

Je Reve

But your tomfoolery gave me hours of enjoyment! Don't let the Miley-Cyrus-as-Ani haters destroy your creative spirit!

I went into this post not believing anything... But it's April all month, and the links checked out okay...


Last year's joke was funny enough for two years worth of April Fool's!

Princess Loucida

Miley as Ani. Nope can't picture it. Good thing I don't have too :)


I'm sorry, but anyone who actually believed you would actually go through with having Miley Cyrus in a movie about your book is crazy. It would be WAY too scary!!!

Disappointed that there's no joke this year... have yet to be really pranked!!!


Miley Cyrus as Ani? Was that last year's joke? Hey, I don't think it would be so bad. We all think of her as strictly Hannah Montana, but she could really be a good actress. You'll probably hate me now:)


Public apology? Pathetic, much? Some people have no sense of humor. They should go live in a city made up of humorless people, so no one gets upset by any fun-having.

No kidding. ^_^


Last year I got really excited about the Goose Girl movie (except for the Miley Cyrus part). Then I came back to the blog to show my mom, and it had the April Fools' Day notice. I freaked out, haha!


I agree! That reaction is WAY over the top:).

The Brain Lair

Readers bring so much to the reading! As a school librarian, I'm thinking about the students and the teachers and my budget! Can I justify having this book? Will this bring more readers to the table or just excite the ones who already read? With the dwindling book budget and finite shelf space as well as curriculum concerns... Sometimes I just want to read a book...

Krista V.

Just wanted to drop by and mention that I just finished two of your books, BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS and AUSTENLAND. I enjoyed both of them, but AUSTENLAND had me turning the pages frantically, wondering how it would turn out:)

Also, I'm organizing an LDS writer-blogger extravaganza, and another LDS writer-blogger friend of mine mentioned you. Feel free to contact me at kvandolzer@gmail.com if you're interested in more details.


she's great,i read the princess academy!

Princess Loucida

Question: I just finished my first draft of my first novel and now I am faceing rewrites. So here is my question: How do you rewrite? Do you read through and change a word here or there? Or do you comepletly retype it on a new blank page? Please Help


Congratulations Princess Loucida!

Princess Loucida

Thanks :) Any helpful pointers?


From me? I usually just go through everything I've written and if I see something that just doesn't look right, I think of other ways to say it. Make a folder to store all the bits you cut from the story. But you'd probably rather have Shannon's help, not mine!:)

Princess Loucida

Right now I'm gratful for ANY help. As a writer in a none writing family I need outsiders opinions. And thanks alot! I'll start doing that :)

Princess Loucida

*I meant 'non-writing' sorry :D

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