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May 02, 2009



Awesome job! You look lovely as always. How fun to have your very own trailer. Can't wait to meet you in a few weeks at the Provo library.


I loved it! What a great idea to do an author trailer. I can't wait for your books coming out this year. I'm giddy just thinking about it.


Diddo what Debbie and Mandy said! You're awesome!!!


Robin McKinley was really inspirational to me too. Seh is great at creating new worlds and I love all her books. However, she kind of stumbles when it comes to endings. I love your books through and through.

Carolyn V.

That was wonderful. :)

Amy Btw M

Great Trailer! You're gorgeous.

Sarah Miller

Oh! Oh, oh, oh - there's a picture from my beloved little bookstore, Halfway Down the Stairs, at 1:23! (It's the one with the caution tape.)

It's closed now. :(


Enjoyed it!


Nice! You're a wonderful author. Rapunzel always bugged me, too.

L.T. Elliot

You have such a beautiful voice! I'll admit, my favorite part was watching you type on your keyboard and pause to think. You may have been "acting" but I'd like to think you're busy working on the next wonderful book to delight us with!


Whoopee!!! That was awesome, you were awesome, as always! lol Congrats! First, your a famous writer, now your a tv star! Awesome!


Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I love actually seeing you talk about what you love to do. It makes everything that much more real, and I'm so grateful you take time out of your world to create another one for you and for us.


AMAZING TRAILER! It was such a pleasure to watch.


Don't forget your adult readers, too!! I don't think it's just a Utah thing and agree with what Anne said about selling your books to adult readers!

Avery and the delicious Posie Nubbins

How lovely! Thanks, Shannon!

Emma H.

What a neat idea! I love seeing you talk about your work- it makes it so much more real. Your books are amazing by the way;)


I loved it. You looked fab, btw!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Sorry, I know I already posted, but I had to say something. Today is my birthday. I asked for Goose Girl for my birthday, but instead got Princess Academy, which I love just as much. Anyway, my mom somehow got a signed copy... I can't tell you how excited I was. I couldn't talk for a couple of minutes and just cried, I was so excited. I want to thank you Shannon for writing inspirational stories. It's made me want to be an author and I'm determined now, to do it. That copy meant everything to me. Thanks.


I like this trailer, but the music is unfitting for your spunk, panache, and general and awesomeness. You are, as ever, a shining star.

shannon hale

Happy birthday, Dr. Sallie!

Jen-it's funny you mention the music. I think this is a lovely trailer and am floored and thrilled they did it. It's probably for the best that I didn't do it myself because I would have done something unspeakably silly.

L.T. - Actually, I really was working! I mean, I was suppose to be pretending for the shot, but hey, I had my computer, and my publicist was entertaining my kids, and I wasn't about to let that opportunity get away. I wrote two paragraphs of Daisy Danger while they filmed. And I think I do look up like that a lot. I get worried about my eyes and I've trained myself to look away from the computer screen whenever I'm thinking, usually to the window. The unrealistic parts of that shot are--I would never wear a silk shirt around the house, that's not the chair I actually write in (they brought my little girl's rocking chair into my room because it had a nicer color) and the bookshelf behind me is much neater here than normal.


Cool, I heard about this trailer from one of the girls in it. :)

Enna Isilee

Tee hee. Very nice trailer.


That is so very very lovely. Makes me want to call up my Mom and demand she send me back my copy of The Goose Girl (she's had it for, ahem, two years).


I loved the trailer, that was an excellent idea!

Heather Z.

Absolutely lovely. Thank you for being who you are and creating the wonderful worlds that you have shared and we can all live in, just for a little while.


That trailer is awesome. And LOVE the Bayern books...and the others too of course.


What a great video! I agree with the girls, I think it's so fantastic that you will interact with your fans on this blog. It is so fun to be connected in that way.

Just a side note...Can I tell you that I'm DYING to read Forest Born??? I just hate waiting!!


Yeah, boi!!! You go girl. Awesome. Them trailer makes did a dang-guzzle good job. Perfectly captured your sweet spirit and the purity of your stories (and books in general). Are they making any money off of this stint? Cause they deserve 1500 gold doubloons! By the Swans Sausage, they do!



I agree with the adult readers as well. I'm not very far into adulthood, but I guess I have to own up to it at some point... I must say, I love everything of yours that I have read. My friend Cat suggested I read The Goose Girl a couple years ago, and I was hooked. As long as you keep writing, I will keep coming back!


What a great video! I totally agree with you about fairy tales and falling in love with reading. Thanks for sharing with us! :)


Great interview! You come across so well on video. I think that is the first time I've heard "Bayern" pronounced.

I also love Robin McKinley's books.


AMAZING trailer, and lovely picture! (you look stunning dahling!)


Sweet! Every author needs her/his own trailer! (:


We all do have magical talents waiting to emerge, don't we?
I love the trailer. The music allows us to focus on you, as it should.
Thank you!


Great video! Irritated by Rapunzel? Have you read Golden by Cameron Dokey? It's one of my favorite Rapunzel retellings, because she's completely bald! What a clever way to retell that story. Looking forward to your new books!


I'm not gonna lie: The ending that had


Bloomsbury books

Available wherever books are sold

made me laugh. You're available wherever books are sold?? :P I know, I know.. I'm just really cool like that XD

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