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May 19, 2009



Yes, that's so exciting for you and everyone else too!!!!!!!!!!! YAY for Shannon!!!!!

Shannon M.

Loved the first ten pages. LOVED them.

My only complaint: now I have to wait until June 9th to read the rest. *sighs*

Patience is not one of my virtues. But I'm working on it.

21 more days....

Katherine Cowley

I'm hooked by the first ten pages! Especially after your post of how this book doesn't fit into the ordinary genres.


Heehee - just three weeks until my pre-ordered copy ends up at my house!!!

Shannon Morris

Okay! Now I will be salivating all over the valley until June 9th! Thanks a Lot!!!

By the way, were you able to get my little package sent off to Faith? I hope she is doing well. Thanks again!

The 'other' Shannon


shannon, shannon, shannon,
you are a dream. the beginning is a delight.

i am excited to see the "Lost in Translation" relationship idea in action. two people of the opposite sex, with varring degrees of attraction, is so rarely dealt with in movies and books, but it is so real a situation for anyone who who has committed themselves to a one and only. No one is immune to being stimulated by others in the world. What do you do once you are?
I am so ready to injest the rest of the story.
You are my hero (not to mention your earlier references to The Blue Sword etc by R. M.. No wonder i adore you.)
t h a n k s


I can't wait to read it! I'm so making a countdown... :D Congrats on the great reviews!


Yay for you!!!!!!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I'll be counting the days! Congratulations!


I NEED THE REST OF THE BOOK!!! 10 pages is not enough. Seriously, any way we can move up the release date to... um... today? Thanks.

L.T. Elliot

No buts! I'm sure that it's everything wonderful!




I am on tenterhooks. You hear me? TENTERHOOKS.


AAAAAH! I L-O-V-E your books! It is TORTURE to only have the first 10 pages of your new one! I was hoping you'd have a new one, for I am practically gnawing on my own foot in anticipation! KEEP UP THE FANTABULOUS WORK!

You are, hands down, my FAVE author!


I just spent an hour or so reading all the stuff about the book. I'm very excited. Pretty sure I wont have to be makin' any muffins. I have a list of things to talk to you about. When can you do lunch? :)


Finally! Sorry, I've just been wondering when and if my review would pass muster.

We're looking forward to Forest Born-Jessica wanted an IOU for it for her birthday (which is in the spring) even though she knows it won't be out until the fall. I asked about getting it for Christmas and she said she couldn't wait that long. Some children want a new bike or a Wii but my kids want books-I must be doing something right.


Next time I'm in a bathroom where I can't put anything down, I'm going to think that line about male architects and laugh! I'm so excited to read the rest. 130,000 words!


I just browsed through most of the content & am hungry for more. Can't wait to read the whole thing! Thanks for the preview!


Oh my gosh, the first ten pages are FABULOUS!!! I can't wait to read the rest!


I know it contained spoilers, but I couldn't stop myself from reading your husband's comments. They inspired much laughter at an inappropriate time (I was being a time thief at work). I'm looking forward to the book.

Amanda Norr

I can't wait to read the whole thing. I am so excited. I just love reading what you write.


I just read everything you posted in the actor and the housewife section. Thanks for sharing! I am actually getting my hands on a copy this weekend, I can't wait to read it!


Jenny Tonks

Congrats on the rave reviews! I can't wait to read this!


I was thrilled to see that the magazine Parenting recomended The Actor and the Housewife this month. Congrats- and I'm stoked to read it all!


I need this book so badly. I read the excerpt twice, and would retrace my steps to relish something particularly good more than once. I never read samples that deeply! DYING FROM LACK!

Funny fact. My mom's name is Becky and has an obsession with Gerard Butler, also we're LDS. Connection? ^_^

Rachel Dahl

So, I thought the book was already out & I was determined to borrow a copy from my library. Per your suggestion (previous post) I knew the library would procure a copy if they didn't already have one. As I asked the information desk lady to look it up, I couldn't quite remember the title: "The actor & the housewife? Or, the housewife and the actor?" She paused, peered over her glasses at me, holding a sleeping baby in my arms, no doubt thinking that this particular housewife was trying to escape reality. She also didn't seem to know who Shannon Hale was!! Or at least she didn't let on. When she finally, unsmilingly, told me that the book wouldn't be out until June, I thanked her and then tried to redeem my literary taste by blurting out, "I'm excited, Shannon Hale writes really good books!" Erg. Two degrees in English lit and that's what I come up with?
Well, you DO write really good books & I'm excited to read this latest. ;)

Camille Aurelia Neerings

Yay for Shannon!!

Olivia T.

You are such a tease Miss Shannon...giving us all these tantalizing hints about your new books! :) I'm especially excited for Forest Born!!! Hopefuly you listened when Razo bugged you to have a bigger role in the story! He is just so adorable! :)

Holly Thatcher

I saw the little recommendation in Parenting magazine today. That's exciting, hopefully it will introduce the book to people that may not have otherwise heard of it. I am looking forward to reading it.


Hey, the cover Amazon is sporting is a bit different?


I'm sure this book will be a great hit along with Calamity Jack and Forest Born. Those seem to be coming along great! May I suggest something? There's a great website called http://www.goodreads.com/ and it's truly great for bookworms. There's a way to make yourself an author (I'm not sure how) but I know that many people on goodreads would appreciate it if you joined!


I'm so excited for June 13th!! Can't wait to read the rest.
But I'm cracking up at the changes they made to the cover from how it was pictured on the ARCs...they gave her hair, and made it a lattice pie...I totally noticed that right away and it just tickled me for some reason.

Amanda Rasmussen

Awww Shannon, loved this book. It was my first Shannon Hale novel and won't be my last.


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