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May 30, 2009


Justine Larbalestier

I was so thrilled to meet you. I am a HUGE fan of your books and was really hoping I'd get to tell you in detail why. But, alas, it did not happen. Oh well. I still got to meet you. My highlight of BEA.


You are FUNNY! I don't think I could joke with Katherine Paterson... I'd faint! :) Thanks for sharing!


Wow, that sounds so amazing! It must be wonderful to be around so many talented authors. I think you deserved all the praise they gave you- your books are awesome :) Oh! and keep writing in your blog. I love reading all the posts.


You are hilarious. Did you know? And your son is so cute.


Oh, it sounds so fantastic. Maybe next year I'll make it out there (and hopefully I'll have a job by then as one of those smiling teen librarians).


oh I wish something interesting like that would happen around here. Darn it! Why does no one come to Florida? :)
You really are hilarious!
Ohhhh I LOVE The Hunger Games and I cannot wait for Catching Fire.
September will be a good month. Catching Fire and Forest Born <3


I love BEA. In my previous life I got to go a couple of times and had the time of my life. I'm happy that you were so adored--as you deserve to be.

And by the way, I'm glad to hear that there are people you're enamored with too. I saw you in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, and it was all I could do to not run up and say ""Hi, sorry to bother you, but I love you."


It was such a blessing to get to meet you at BEA. The chance for me to come at all came very last minute, but you were one of the resons I knew I had to come. Meeting you and the great crew at Bloomsbury was the highlight of the day for me! (I can't wait to get into Forest Born :)


It's so funny that you have a blog post about BEA (wich I wish I could go to...). I only frequently go to a few author's sites, and every day I check your's, Scott Westerfeld's, and Justine Larbaleister's. And all of them have posts on BEA, so I feel like de-javu. And you talk about a lot of the same things, the economy and less books and such. And then you even talk about the other two!
I don't know, it's just funny to me. But I"m glad you had fun!

rebecca herman

BEA was awesome :) I picked up a Forest Born ARC signed by you. I got a picture but it's not very good! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_6jWfgCw27uw/SiCB3oajbAI/AAAAAAAAAeY/wbYa2xGxQLg/s1600-h/shannonhale.jpg


Cute. Soungs like you had tons of fun and got to hand out with some really cool people.

Karen Pellett

I am in complete author envy at the moment. I just spent the last few minutes reading off to my husband part of your posts and listing all the people I'm jealous that you got to meet. That just means that I have to work harder and finalizing my book and find some one to sell it to so I can follow in your footsteps. Thanks for keeping us inspired.

Emma H.

Oh.My.Gosh. I am sooo jealous. I'd love to be around you and all those brilliant authors- how cool would that be? i would have to pinch myself continually. Although I'd probably freak out being with all that greatness in one room. Still, I love Suzanne Collins, Scott Westerfeld, Sarah Dessen, and your books. I can't wait for Catching Fire to come out!

Meg Lyman

That must have been a total dream - I don't think I could have kept it under control in the presence of all of those authors (yourself included!). That must have been a ball. Kids do bring reality back quickly.

The Book Chook

Thanks for showing me BEA through your eyes and excitement!

Megan S.

Thank you so much for signing! I got an ARC of Forest Born, and for once was delighted to have a long plane trip home so I had an excuse to bury my nose in it straight away. BEA is amazing and strange, what with all the suits doing big deals, the librarians dashing about collecting galleys, and the occasional scantily clad woman in extremely high heels advertising who knows what. And of course, the fabulous authors like yourself. I loved it!


I love it that you were as excited by other authors as we are of you! Thanks for sharing all of this with us. :)

Miss Erin

All I can say is, I want to be you when I grow up.

And not even because of this experience of yours, but because you have such the best point of view and perspective on everything. YOU ROCK.


Sounds like a great time! Thanks for the update :)

Avery and the delicious Posie Nubbins

I really want to go next year. It sounded like a blast.


Name dropping makes me happy :)

That sounds so fabulous. Anyplace where YA authors hang out and you get FREE books well, that just might be heaven. :)


What is it like to be you? Dang! Definitely sounds like heaven on earth. Sigh.


Someday when I am done with library school, I will be at BEA!! It sounds like heaven!! Thanks for the recap of your experience. :)


Sounds fantastic! And the coming home sounds sweet, too.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Oh, it was so fun meeting you, Shannon! Oh, wait. Just kidding. I never have met you. But I bet you're dying to meet me, since I'M dying to meet YOU, right? :) Sounds like you had a lot of fun, and in case you couldn't tell, I'm super jealous...


Sounded wicked awesome, I so WISH I could have been there, I'm glad you had fun, and your speech was hilarious. What a collection of authors! :D


You forgot to mention to auction battle with Scott! LOL I read his blog, too. Sounds like a total blast. *sigh*

Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

Sounds like you had a great time.

I already have your hardcover adult book, but I missed the signing. That's what I get for pulling together a BEA trip at the last minute.


I must express overwhelming envy to anyone who attends anything emceed by Julie Andrews:
Also envious of all the other awesome authors you got to see, including yourself. Glad you had such a great time!

Beth Kephart

This is the sort of experience someone like you has earned. Thank you for providing such an in-depth look.


That's pretty much all i had to say.
Other than i am so jealous. I am going to be a writer just so i can meet awesome people and read books before anyone else.


oh it sounds so great to be there and to see friends. I'm anxious to get my book from amazon, and I know you can't confirm or deny about catching fire...


Why don't any of the author-gatherings happen in Utah? I'm SOOOO jealous of you and those other authors who got to meet you! And sad because by the time Forest Born and The Actor and The Housewife come out, EVERYBODY will have read them except me!!! UGG!! Anyways, you are great!


BEA is the mecca of book lovers. Thanks for sharing and letting us live vicariously through you. Waiting patiently for the poor masses to get Catching Fire. Oh cruel world.

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