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November 24, 2008


Mrs. Mordecai

My 9th grade English teacher's philosophy was that everyone likes to read, but some people just haven't found the right book yet.


Hmmmm. That link would explain why my agent just called with my dummy book in hand, returned from the "really interested & excited" publisher... Excuse me while I run to the book store.

Jana Banana

You'd be proud of me. I give my niece and two nephews books every year for Christmas. So does my mom...and my sisters. They get enough toys from the aunts and uncles on the other side of the family. I frequently give books as birthday presents to friends and family members too. The present I get most often in return? Barnes and Noble gift cards.

I've already decided that when I have a family of my own, my children will be given books in their stockings, under the tree, for their birthdays, as just because presents. Let's just hope my husband will be willing to support a crazy, book-buying wife.


Amen! I've been trying to figure out what to get my soon-to-be siblings-in-law for Christmas, and books are definetly high up there! My fiance has a little brother who's 12 who would love the Bone books, I think... I wonder how his 14 year old sister would like Rapunzel's Revenge? (Then again, who WOULDN'T like that book?)


I'd love it if you'd do another review of books - similar to the one you did with your nephew - before Christmas.

I have to admit I have given a lot of Christmas gifts that were books I read about here first (and then read and then gave away. What? Doesn't everyone read the books before gifting them?)

E. Kristin Anderson

Amen, Shannon! I wish I knew more children to gift books to this Xmas. I have a niece who is 5, but her momma is a total literary type. I think our store has adopted a couple of families for the holidays, though. They'll be getting lots of great books this year!


This is a great review. I just ordered over a hundred dollars of books online for family christmas gifts this morning! I can't wait to give the gift of another world in the palm of your hand.

BTW- my sister and I just put a plug for Rapunzel's Revenge as a great Christmas present in our 1st ever double scoop! I think it's the perfect book for reluctant readers of all ages. Who doesn't love the Sunday comics? Even my dyslexic brother loved reading them. I've heard that the author of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus got started for the same reason- he needed less words and more pictures to help him learn to love reading. So, get out there everyone and give RR a great boost in Christmas sales! It may just be the perfect book to convert someone to lifetime reading.


Thanks for this post. I wasn't going to spend as much (hundreds of dollars) on books this December (libraries are free, and I can't afford to buy more bookshelves at the moment), but I've changed my mind. We all love books. It's important to support what you love. No?

Andrea Robinson

We need a reading revolution! As a high school student I see that hardly anyone enjoys reading, and those who actually do are labeled geeks. The ability to read is the greatest gift I could have ever received, and I wish I could put my love for books into every teenager, child, and parent on the planet! There is a book for every person out there, they just need to be introduced:)


Every year, my mom, my sister, and I go to Barnes and Noble and donate books in the drive they have around Christmas. This year I'm going to donate The Goose Girl!


Aww, I feel so special to be quoted - too bad it wasn't a more cheerful quote! You'll be happy to know that I give all my students a book each Christmas (plus multiplication flash cards!). I also give my nieces and nephews books. I love giving books as gifts!


Keep in mind that it helps your local economy if buy your books from your indie bookstore rather than the Big Chain Store. And, according to the article, it helps the publishers too.


I simply cannot imagine what it is like to dislike reading for pleasure. It doens't compute with me. I love giving people books whenever I get the chance, and, as a matter of fact, my favorite gifts are always books.

Bibliophiles unite!


That's really sad how people don't enjoy reading! I love to give books to people- it's something they can keep for the rest of their lives.


Yay! I think books make wonderful Christmas gifts...


My mom started doing this about 10 years ago for all the grandkids. We all love it! The best part is, all the she gets all the moms together, and we all go book shopping together. That way Grandma doesn't have to decide who gets what book (the moms pick for their kids), and she gets all the shopping done in one day. This year, between what she spent on the grandkids, her kids, and herself, she spent over $600 on books. And yes, we are (mostly) a family of readers!


Every kid in the family is getting a book for Christmas! :) I always do it.


Yep, I do this all the time. I give books away every year and for birthdays too. There is a challenge going around started by My Friend Amy at http://www.buybooksfortheholidays.com/ they have a lot of book recommendations and it's all to promote literacy and help publishers.

I think kids and even adults are more likely to read a book if it has been given as a gift. My daughter is getting Rapunzel's Revenge and so is my niece. My daughter saw the copy I bought for my niece and has been taking it all over the house, she can hardly put it down, so I told her Santa might be willing to bring her own copy.


I should add that it is guaranteed that Santa will be bringing her the book for sure - good thing she doesn't read this blog.


I'm a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and our national philanthropy is literacy- we specifically named First Book this year as the organization we support. They strive to give underprivileged children their very first new book. I really recommend checking out their website, and donating from there if possible- it's a very easy way to not only help your friends and family learn to love reading, but give the opportunity to young children who might not otherwise have the chance this holiday season.


I would rather buy a book than a coffee or shirt or toy anyday! It is apart of my "must have" budget even in difficult times. hey - its the only thing that GETS me thru these difficult times. Getting lost in a book :)

Jennifer Jenkins

Couldn't agree more. Besides, nothing wraps better that a good, solid, book.

(P.S. I've followed your blog for over a year, and just wanted to tell you how inspiring your writing is for the hopeful author. I attended your "Writing for Charity" conference in July, and am looking forward to your next event.)


In my famliy, there's six kids...five of us love to read. :) We would read so much that one of our punishments was not being allowed to read for a certain amount of time... :p


I was talking to my teacher today and we both agree that Christmas can be enoying; sometimes we only get useless trinkets as preasents! A book is different, its a present you will actually use. I remember that I was always super excited to find a hard rectangular package under the Christmas tree: "It's a book!!!"


I love this post! I think books for my kids' friends is a great idea! We receive a new children's book each year from a neighbor (who is a retired teacher) and it is my girls' favorite gift.

Heather Smith

super idea to give books to friends!!! i'm so excited to read Rapunzel's revenge.


I think people are crazy if they don't like to read!(even though I only read when I'm supposed to)


Ummm... did I forget something? Oh yeah! I love Princess Acadamy so much! Anyone who hasn't read this has to! I still think people who don't like to read are crazy and I won't leave it in the dust.


We have so many books it's a little obscene. My first grader was filling out a homework assignment about numbers; he had to count various things around the house. It went like this:
"Mom, how many books are in our house?"
"Books? In the house?! HOW MANY?!"
Imagine having to count all the books in your house, Shannon! We told him to round to the nearest thousand.

(And just to stay on topic, we often give books and request books in place of the many forgettable plastic trinkets.)


Hey, growing up, my family actually *did* have a literary holiday! Every New Year's Day was Book Day, and we got piles of books from our parents as gifts. I adored it. I still have many of the books on my shelves today. The real gift was a love for reading.


We have a tradition every year of giving each of our children books. To give them special significance we have them open them on Christmas Eve - they are from the Tompten (instead of Santa) - a Swedish tradition. The Tompten leave the books on the front porch. This year our family has republished a classic Christmas book as a LIMTED EDITION - The Christ Child by Maude and Miska Petersham. It is beautiful book with classic Christmas images. Check it out here-> www.thechristchildbook.com

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