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September 26, 2008



Uh, yeah, I would think delivering your own baby would be incredibly heroic. And amazing.

Stretch pants in general, there is something wrong . . .


Heck, I'd read a story about a woman delivering her own baby in the car! Heck, I did just read it!

And I agree with Hwalk. Stretch pants are evil.


What's with the nine fingers?



Laura Z M

Wow! I have nine fingers, too!

(plus a spare)

Enna Isilee

Oh my gosh, Laura! I thought I was the only one! ;)

Stretch pants... they have their place... just not on me.

Becky Williams

You have an amazing friend who would totally rock as a pioneer. It's good to know it can all be taken care of in the car. I always thought you needed someone down field to catch the little bundle of joy, touchdown! I'm a c-section gal, so all I need is Sweeney Todd and unconsciousness.

Now I have heard of the 6 fingered man, but not the 9 fingered. I'm guessing he's a villain with an aversion to store bought gloves.


Okay - I am a lurker on your blog usually, but I just had to say that I laughed so hard at the 9 fingers thing that I had to read it aloud to my husband (who also laughed)... you're right. That IS wrong, plain and simple!


Having a baby is a car is my wake-up-in-a-cold-sweat worst nightmare. My mother-in-law had a baby in a car in January in Wyoming. These women are heroes I never want to emulate.


Okay, that story made me break out in a cold sweat. I had a baby in 20 minutes last summer, and that was almost me.

Why do medical people never believe the woman having the baby??

Your friend deserves the mother-hero medal!


That's horrible! Delivering your own baby is very heroic and really hard to go through, I'm sure. Mothers are heroes in and of themselves.


Goodness, that's ridiculous! I can't believe the news didn't think that was heroic!


Autumn deserves brownie points, props, kudos, whatever else you wanna call it, that is an amazing story!!!


Woah! Autumn's story is just amazing.

Wait... NINE fingers? I've had it wrong all these years! :P


Wow...I can't see how delivering your own baby isn't heroic! But oh well, some people just don't know real heroism when they see it.

And I'm glad that at least you recognized a real hero and wrote Rapunzel's Revenge :)

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Delivering your own baby. How the freak do you do that? And I would buy a new car.
I just read Princess Bride and the six fingered man. Dirty, evil man. Hate to think what Domingo Montoya would have to go through to make a sword for a nine fingered man.
And I bought Rapunzel's Revenge! Couldn't put it down. After reading a few pages in the bookstore I just had to go back! And I've started it again. I love you Shannon.


9 fingers...sigh...and they wonder why this country is falling behind in math and science...


Haha, that counting book reminds me of The Hobbit movie... "Frodo, of the nine fingers..." :D

There is seriously something wrong with that newspaper. I would be THRILLED to read about (and hear about, so thanks, Shannon) something that incredible! I'm calling Reader's Digest...

Ruby Diamond

Nine fingers. Huh. Is there an accompanying illustration?


*shakes head* Inconcievable! (Did I spell that right? Oh who cares...) My cousin delivered her own baby, too! Only they pulled the van over to the side of the road and her husband accidentally locked himself out of the car. Hehe... they are very heroic people indeed!


Send the story to Oprah. She would probably have your friend on her show. :) hahaha I don't even watch Oprah but it seems like something she would do.

9 fingers...seriously?!


On the bright side, she saved on hospital bills, right?

Barbara Proctor

Well, I must say Autumn is my hero, too. She's always been a remarkable person to me, but I'm her mother, so I am biased. She arrived in the world quickly too, but her dad and I had time to get to the hospital. If any of you can think of a publication/program who thinks her story is noteworthy, let them know. She's a celebrity to me!


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