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July 18, 2008



Thats quite different. I'm not sure I'm really likening them. because when i read a book i like to see the characters as i see them in my mind. when a picture of the character is on the front it makes it alot harder to imagine.
lots of love.


I like the Enna Burning one, but the expression on Razo's face for River Secrets just made me laugh. It's a perfect Razo expression. However, I'm still partial to the original ones. It gives them more of a fantasy/fairy tale quality.


Shannon, I was wondering when you'd post about Dr. Horrible. I'm so madly in love with that show and NPH. It's nice to see Joss and Nathan back together again. I've seriously had it on repeat in the background non-stop. I could geek out about it for hours, probably, so I'll just leave it at that. Six hours until the end!

Also, the new covers are purty.

P.S. "What a crazy, random happenstance!"

Andrea the Librrrarian

I love the original covers but they did appeal more to the younger set. These new ones are pretty cool! The models do not look too model-y, if you know what I mean, and the books will reach more of the teens, as they should. The backgrounds, fonts, and designs swirling around the photos look great, too.


Good timing Shannon! I literally just got back from the bookstore where I had noticed the new covers! And I think they will work out nicely!


I am totally in love with the original covers, but I do really like the new EB cover (and actually bought a copy).


It will take me some time to get used to River Secrets, but I've adjusted and am fine with EB, I think because it looks more like a painting while RS looks more like a photograph. But whatever, I think you're right about it being a good thing, and I'm sure you'll get tons more readers now! Hooray for Shannon!


So, I finally purchased the three Bayern books, and received Goose Girl and River Secrets with the old covers, and Enna Burning with the new cover. I don't mind that they changed it . . . but it means I'm still going to have to go back and collect the old cover for a matched set. We have that same problem with our UK published Harry Potter books . . . all the covers are one style, except for Book 7, which ended up in a different style. Oh well. We'll fix it one of these days.


IMO those are the most perfect cover s you could have come up with. Those are EXACTLY the way I picture them all.

*hopes if a movie is ever made the characters look exactly like that*


I like those covers. The people look right to me.

Shayla Smoot

Oh Shannon I LOVE THEM!!! Enna and Dasha look just how i imagined them to look like! Razo looks not exactly but still I love his expression!!! It looks SO good! i am in love with the old covers though too! I am excited to see the goose girl one too! I really like how enna burning is red and how river secrets is blue!! Love ya Shayla Smoot

P.S I am going to the writing for charity tomorrow and can NOT wait to meet you. Lets hope I CAN meet you. I have read your biography and it seems like you are a lot like me. Pretty relaxed down to earth and funny... well at least YOU are funny!! :) We will be like this (I am crossing my fingers so we will be tight!)

Can NOT wait to meet you tomorrow!

Shayla Smoot (Remember that name so you can know it is me!!)he he ;)


uh, i dunno, i like them, i think. They give a good essence of the book, i just really do not like photos of characters on book covers.


I too love all that is Dr Horrible! Also the new covers are not at all the drek that I associate with photo/teen covers, the characters actually look similar to what I pictured.


Awww. I am sad. I loved the original covers, and I agree that having the characters on the front makes it a lot harder to picture them in my head. I was sad when the Princess Academy paperback came out, and now this? Ah well. We'll always love you Shannon! (And I'll just keep thinking that its not the cover that counts...)

Ha ha! I like Razo's expression... :D

See you at Writing for Charity!


Awww, Razo is too cute!


I just watched the third and final episode of Dr. Horrible. I'm still a little shocked. What did you think of it?


It must be that having the models on the front sells more copies. Else I can't think why someone would ever choose to do this--not very aesthically pleasing and leaves much less to the imagination.

However, as I suppose it must be done, I think the models they chose were perfect. Razo particularly.


oops--I meant "aesthetically."


I really loved the original covers, and when I saw the cover for Goose Girl it made me want to read it. But I hope that the paperbacks will attract more readers. I like the Enna Burning cover a lot, the River Secrets I'm not so thrilled about, but I think it's still pretty cool.


They're not printing Goose Girl hardcovers in the US anymore though, are they?


Personally, I prefer the original covers, but the news ones look really good, too. And the cover models actually *look* like the characters, which is a small miracle in and of itself. :-)


First, let me just say that as an owner of the gorgeous hardback editions, I am a passionately loyal supporter of the Allison Jay covers and I always will be. I absolutely adore them, and they will always hold the #1 spot in my heart and mind.

BUT . . . I really like the two new covers. Enna looks EXACTLY like I always pictured her and I LOVE the fiery thing going on around her. I'm also really impressed with the model that was chosen for Dasha. She looks almost exactly like the girl I pictured.

Razo, however . . . ehh. I'm not particularly fond of that choice of model. At all. I pictured Razo completely differently and I always will. That's just my opinion, of course. I think that he could have been cast so much better.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Goose Girl cover turns out!

Pink Ink

Beautiful covers!!

By the way, I posted about "Writing for Charity" on my blog, http://pink-ink-pink.blogspot.com. Thanks so much for organizing the conference. It was great!

Pink Ink

Here's the direct link to my post on "Writing for Charity".



Hm. Don't like them as much as the old ones. Photos usually seem more like movie posters and less like books. But, they are okay as photo book covers. They're nicer than other ones I've seen:)


Oh, one more thing. Razo's expression is too cute. I love Enna. She's fairly close to what I imagined. But I have a problem with it: wasn't it shocking for Geric to see Ani's ankle? And wasn't Razo surprised by less coverage in Tira? And weren't the workers in Goose Girl talking about how shockingly low Ani's dress was (on Selia)? I don't have any problem at all with how low her dress is. It just doesn't seem to fit the story.


I'm not against covers with photos - it's the creativity and accuracy that I like. Everyone's thoughts on how the characters should look will always be different.
I really like the designs! For some reason, I like anything to do with swirls :)

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Ok. Here is my review. Ahem.
Enna Burning is the better cover in my opinion because the girl on it looks mysterious, as Enna is in the book. Enna has many complications in the book, but is still brave and daring, and the girl on the cover looks like that, so I think you struck it rich there. She's not exactly how I picture her, but the mystery there makes up for it.
For River Secrets, the cover is not as much to my liking. Dasha is closer to what I envisioned, but not quite, and Razo... sorry to disappoint, but I, uh, don't like the expression on his face. I see him more as a boy (meaning innocent), but on the cover he appears more like he's looking for trouble. In the book I feel like he's trying to get out of it. However, on this cover, there is the effect that Dasha is more superior, which she is in the book, and Razo is the one that is awed by her. So by that comparison, I think you did well.

So although I prefer the old covers because I like to picture things for myself, I think overall, it works. Nice job, Shannon. It's a good move.

P.S. It is the nineteenth and I am totally bummed I didn't get to go to the charity event. I just got back from the river trip, so it's a good thing you blogged, to help make up for it a little.


These new covers are pretty sharp! They certainly have a different vibe than the originals, which perfectly illustrates your point about reaching a new audience. The colors and swirls are eye-catching, and the Razo model totally made me grin. Even though I will always adore the original covers, these are definitely appealing! Can't wait to see the new Goose Girl cover, too.


i love the enaa burning one. she is PERFECT!!!! she looks like she has trouble on her mind but is keeping it to herself. and i llove all the fiery stuff goin on around her. that is exactly how i imagined her but with a more older look to her. river secrets, on the other hand..... i don't even want to say in fear of making you feel bad shannon.... :( but i will anyways. you probably get worse than this. right? well razo looks like his face got squahed in an... idk what is is called but yeah. and i would imagine dasha with more of a natural beauty to her. and also curly hair. like massive curly hair. these too just looked like the were pulled off the streets, put in front of a blueish painting with some clothing from the di on, and someone took a picture while saying, razo, do your famous grin!!!! (and the boy wouldn't know what that was, because he had never read the book!!!!) so...... with that said..... i like the original copies.... a ton better..... i like imagining things by myself. but.... i bet these copies will sell a ton!!!! :)


It will take a while but I think I'll be able to cope with the new covers. I have a question though. Since RS isn't coming out in paperback until September will they print it only in the new cover? I have the first two books in paperback and was hoping to get RS in the same style so I'll have matching covers for them. So will they print only the new covers?


Wow, I actually really love those covers. I mean I liked the old ones, but these look so nice. Makes me want to rebuy the books.


I don't like people on books. Then it's not left up to me to decide what they look like, and your previous artist has such a spirit and a magical feel to it. When I pick up The Goose Girl or Enna Burning, the illustrations excite me, almost as if the magic runs through me. But those covers? No. I'm so sorry, but they hold no allure for me.

Emma H.

I like the new covers i guess, but the old covers were amazing. I loved the paintings that Alison Jay did. I will have to go buy the new versions of the books so that i can have both copies. (And maybe i will just have to read the books again.) It's funny, i pictured Enna just like that, but thats not how i pictured Razo. Anyway i liked the old copies better, they gave me more room to imagine. But the cover dosent alter the story and i still LOVE the story!


Aw, I'll miss the old covers :( But the new ones are really cool looking!


You say new covers, and I head for the hills--I've been wary of people on book covers ever since I saw the new covers of Gail Carson Levine's books. But honestly, they're quite good, way better than I expected. :D I may even grow to love them. ;D


I absolutely love the Enna Burning cover. That gal is gorgeous! I love the fire looking background as well. I wish I had her hair, to be quite honest with you.


P.S. I really love how you kept the title font the same, or similar. It adds a bit of "home" to the new covers.


I loved the old covers, but I love the new covers, too! I have to say, though, that while I love Dr. Horrible with a mad passion, episodes II and III are not, um, PG. Just a little warning, there.


If I'd known the covers would give such obvious views of the characters I wouldn't have looked. Already I've forgotten the way I pictured them all in my own mind. They're good and really match the characters but I always prefer my own ideas. **sigh**
Oh, well.


Well, I pretty much agree.
That is, I like the new covers well enough (EB, at least), but I prefer the old ones, and I'm really not at all wild for photographic illustrations. Partly that's because cover photos tend to be more precise about what the character looks like than cover paintings, and partly that's because they tend to just have a picture of a person with a colorful background thrown in--no landscapes, or castles, or any of the fun stuff, because it's (not surprisingly) difficult to produce a fantasy landscape from real life. Well, that's my theory, anyway.


Yeah, I prefer the old covers myself.

I have only one thing to say: The Thoroughbred of Sin! He rules the Evil League of Evil with an iron hoof...


Wow...very different covers...
Where can a person become a cover model for a book? especially Goose Girl??? !!!


Is there a way we can tell the old and new cover versions apart when ordering from an online retailer? I'll be honest, I am partial to the older covers, and really want to have a matched set. River Secrets isn't a problem but Enna Burning I am having trouble confirming.


Aw I loved the old covers. I understand how these would reach a new audience, and in a "market to a new audience" sense the covers look good, but I love the charm of the old book covers. I remember being a bit disappointed by the paperback cover of Princess Academy and the cover of Book of a Thousand Days in contrast.

I know publishers often present different cover versions for a book as a way of appealing to various markets (the His Dark Materials trilogy would be a good example though I know the marketing range there is different), so it would be great if the same could be done here and you could somehow continue to publish versions with Alison Jay's cover art as well and make them readily available. I notice it's already hard to find Enna Burning with the old cover. :(

Elizabeth Watson

I'm with Beca! Where can you become a book cover model?!? Seriously!!! Have they already found someone for the cover? Oh, how I wish I could voulenteer!

I love the new covers! I really do! the old ones were amazing and these are too, althrough very different! I love the swirly things and Enna's expression... Wonderful and mysterious!

Enna-girl's girl

Razo looks exactly like I imagined him! Huazzah! Specially that hilarious expression on his face.
I think Enna and Dasha look a lot prettier than I imagined (not that I imagined them to be hideous, of course). I mean, normally, you don't see people like that walking down the street. Right?
Anyway, all in all, good job!


I know the girl on the cover of the Enna Burning cover, I work with her, she's a really nice girl :) I love the photo too, I'm soo jealous!!


I can't stop looking at the new covers; the people on each of them look beautifull! Especially the girl on Enna Burning. But I still can't imagine these models as Bayern (and Tiran) characters in my mind, since I read The Goose Girl and Enna Burning way before these covers were out. I'm huge fan of the Alison Jay covers, but I wish these covers were out when I bought the books. Oh well. I have The Goose Girl and Enna Burning on Alison Jay's covers, and River Secrets and (newly purchased!!!) Forest Born on the "people-covers". Really neat. When I win the lottery, the second thing I'm doing is buying each version of every book. You're books rock my gut out, Shannon.Thanks - Love, your preteen fan.


i was just wondering who the people on the covers actually are, i am not a big fan of people on covers myself, but just think! if these fabulous books were to made into a movie actors could possibly be simpler to find?

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