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June 11, 2008



Oh, now I wish I lived near you! That sounds incredibly fabulous :)


What a fabulous idea for a great cause. I watched a special news story about this wheelchair charity and it moved me to tears. I hope there is a more than you can handle turn out!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Oh my goodness! Do you know how badly my heart is pounding right now? I want to go, I want to go!! And I can because I live in Salt Lake!! Please, Please, Please.... Oh please.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

If I come, can I meet you Shannon?


How cool is that? That's quite the author line-up, too.


I want to go, but I'd have to scrounge up $45, not to mention the price of a plane ticket. I just don't have the means to do so right now. :(


Shannon, oh my gosh, you've done it again. You set such a great example. This is an absolutely amazing idea, and such a good foundation to donate to. You cannot believe how much I love and admire you for putting your fame and talents to such good causes. I'm in - no question. (How will we know if we are accepted?)


How do you find out about charity workshops? Do they invite you to them? Who sets them up? Can authors donate their royalty earnings to places? (Isn't that what J.M. Barry did with Peter Pan for an orphanage?)

Olivia T.

Oh my gowswers! How beautifully wonderful and amazing! If I lived in Salt Lake City, I'd be there in a heartbeat, Miss Shannon! :) Have TONS of fun!


Argh! That's the day I'm leaving on a trip... I'll be in Salt Lake that morning, but only to fly out of the state. :( Oh well, maybe next year? Way to use your talents for good! That's the way to go.

shannon hale

Dr. Sallie - I will be on the first panel with all the authors. In the break out groups, I'll be doing fantasy novel. So yes, I'll certainly be there and accessible!

Heather--good question. If you send in a check, just assume. Please include your phone number and if we get too many participants we'll call those who sent theirs in too late. We have a cap of 300 people due to the location.

Charlie--I'm on a listserv with other Utah children's writers, and I asked them who could do it this day. Everyone was super willing, and there were many who would like to do it but are out of town, so I imagine we'll do this again, perhaps yearly, each time for a different charity. We're setting this up ourselves, not the charity.

Rebeka B.

Wow, good for you Shannon! It's really great that you're putting such an effort into charity. It's admirable. I wish I lived near Salt Lake, or even in the USA, so I could go. *sigh* Oh well, I still hope there's a great turnout, and you guys raise a load of money. My grandma uses an electric wheelchair, so I definitely know how important wheelchairs are. Thank you for doing such a great work for those who need the support!


Wow! This is an amazing idea! Is it for a specific age group, though? Or are all ages allowed in?


This is great. What I did last year was enter contests...you know, "in twenty-five words or less tell us why a woman you know should be our woman of the year" and I nominated my friend who started the charity Angel Heart Farm. Over the course of the year, she ended up in three magazines, got over $4000 in cash for the charity, we got a trip to NYC to a luncheon at Self Magazine, she ended up featured on a PBS special and lots of other things. If you know someone running a charity, this is a great way to help them with your excellent writing. And it's fun too! Oh, and another magazine gave us a spa day together too. That was cool!


Wow. This is so awesome that you are doing this and helping people out in so many ways . . .


Wow. That's awesome.


Such a good cause! I wish I could come--perhaps another year.

World's Greatest Mommy

Talk about a ton of fantastic authors doing something amazing...If only this was going to happen in the 100 degree Texas heat.


Good for you, Shannon, that is such a great thing to do!


It does sound fantabulous!!! I wish I could be there....maybe u'll come to another book fair near me...


I wish I could go! That sounds incredible! But, I don't quite have a first page at the point where I'd grow from an editing yet anyway, so I may as well just keep writing.


How exciting! I wish I could go, but congrats for having the chance to do something you wanted. YEAH for charity and first phases! :D


Hey Shannon,

Who do we address the request letter to at the Provo address? And would you like the critique page up front?

This is such a great cause. Thanks for organizing this!


I totally want to go. And I might be able to! Is it for any age?

Janet Lee Carey

This sounds like a great get together. It's a blast to link writing to charity. A number of writers I know do this, but I've never seen a writer's gathering to promote the idea. Fabulous!


Wow thats so awesome! my sister goes to college in utah and my mom said we might take a fieldtrip up there that weekend! Super excited!


what if we want to come and benefit from the author's insights, but we're slackers and "starting brilliant novel" is still on our To-Do list (along with "catch up on laundry")? can we come if we don't have a page to present for the workshop?

shannon hale

Chris--yes! Absolutely! It'll be interesting to hear other first pages workshopped. Come pageless and have a great time.

Shayla Smoot

Hey shannon, I would love to come!! And I live near there so it is perfect. BUT!!! I really want to come and I am writing a book but it is not a novel. It is a fantasy kinda. It is about a princess and I have written a lot! Can I bring that??? Would it work? And will you be there? Could i meet you? I am so excited. Especially about how this amazing event helps the needy. Someone in my ward talked about going on a mission and how so many people need are help and that we should help them more so that totally works!!!!

I really would like to know could you answer on here please?

please and thank you Shayla Smoot


I've sent in my check and info but I haven't received any sort of confirmation. Have I missed something? I'm really looking forward to it so don't leave me hanging okay? Not that you would of course, but you know, I'm still a little worried here!


Yay!!!! I might be going-- I'm not sure if its too late to get in or anything-- but yaaaay!!

Shannon-- my sister won't be able to go because of Girl's Camp, but if I go she is begging me to take the first page of her book along with the first page of my book to both be worked on. Would that be all right? I'd feel bad if someone else that paid didn't get there's done because my two took so long... :D

Oh, and will you be signing books?

Pink Ink

Hi! I signed up and sent in my $...am I good to go?? I just wanted to confirm. Thanks and I am looking forward to this. This'll be fantastic!

-Jewel Allen

Lindsey and Tanya

Great idea. My 13 year old daughter is an aspiring writer and artist. This is a wonderful cause and a valuable opportunity to inspire future writers. She and I will try to make it.
Thanks! :)

Adam Haver


Just wanted to thank you for hosting this charity event this weekend at the downtown library. It's inspiring to see the examples of successful writers doing something for those in need. I appreciate the advice I was given for my novel as well, it was extremely useful!

Thanks again,

Adam Haver


This is soo cool, but i didnt know about it until now, and i live far away. MAN! U r such a good person. giving all yur book money to charity for wheelchairs. yur hsuband picked a good choice for a wife. and yur setting a good example to your children. plz check yur official website more, u should and answer all these hale fans.

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