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June 29, 2008



I'm dying here from the last part of this post :) So funny!


When I see the little (1) next to Squeetus in my Google Reader, it makes my day brighter! Thanks for being awesome and bringing me smiles!


I'm SO jealous! If being a writer means you get to meet so many cool people I'm totally in.
I'm so excited for the Charity Event! I get to go!!!!!!!! Yay!!!


You were in Anaheim!! Wow!! Just an hour away from where i live!! I promise someday i will definetly find a way to meet you!! :)


You make me giggle.

Way to name drop! I am so jealous.

Shayla Smoot

Hey shannon, I have a question for you but I accidentally put it on the comments for your writing for charity post! Please answer it. It is about the writing for charity. My name is Shayla Smoot and I think my comment was the last one there!

please and thank you!

Shayla Smoot


That made me smile. The Karen story was funny. You needed the middle name to recognize her.

Marcus Aurelius

I, uh... I met Shannon Hale once. It was at a party, and it was pretty crowded, so I don't know if she'd remember me, but I *totally* stole her plastic fork. I'm thinkin' of putting it up on ebay.

I'll keep you posted.

In the realm of P.S.s, the latest copy of Previews (THE comic buyer's catalog) Rapunzel's Revenge made an awesome appearance. It was awesome. The appearance.



That was so funny. And great. And why do I have to go to school? I'd rather go follow around authors madly . . .


Oh, crap. So, I've been stalking this Shannon Hale, but which one is the real one? Or does she just have a dual personality? Hmm... *puts on paper sack disguise again*


I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts; you are so funny! I laugh like an idiot--and then, you know, get insanely jealous of you (your awesome skills) and anyone who's ever met you. Hurrah for writers everywhere! :D


did you get a signed galley?

it was great to see you! i wish we had actually talked!


I love your sense of humor!! You're one of myfavorite authors and I enjoy your books SO much!!! I'm like about to go sue my small town library for only having 2 of your books!!!!

Charlotte Burrows

I am one of the lucky librarians who got to see you at ALA. You all did a fabulous presentation. I was just enthralled the whole time. Eric R. has such a sexy Chicago voice. And who knew M.T. Anderson was so cute. And I was so thrilled to get the ARC of Rapunzel's Revenge. It is fabulous just like you.

Miss Erin

I loved reading that post so much. :) I SO wish I could've seen y'all act out scenes from your books!!

Shayla Smoot

Hey Shannon, I am really want to go to the writing for charity event on the 19th. My parents have to say yes though. But I have a question. I have been writing a book for a long time. I am on page 90 I think! But it is not a novel. It is a fantasy! Can i still bring my book even though it is a fairy tale/ fantasy? And I probably will get to go if I can!!!!! I am so excited. Thanks a bunch!

Shayla SMoot


Shannon, I attended the Reader's Theater program and it was definitely one of the highlights of the conference! You and the other authors did a fantastic job. I was so excited to get a signed ARC of Rapunzel's Revenge, too. Thank you!!


Shannon, I like your list. I never thought about loving flaws, but it's entirely true.
Marcus, I am not in the slightest bit surprised that you read THE comic buyer's catalog. Not at all.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Some things to say:
I am extremely excited because on that list of what you need for a writer, I love all of it.. except I don't know what serendipity means.

Second, I am utterly depressed because unbeknownst to me, I am going on a river trip over the charity event, and yes... I would rather go to the library and meet Shannon. Who wouldn't?

Third, I am very jealous because Shannon gets to meet a lot of amazing people (even though I haven't heard of some of them).

Fourth, I am happy, a lot because of this blog. Thanks Shannon!

Olivia T.

Miss Shannon, you make me feel so good when I read about all of your writerly adventures!
And your Writer Requirements gave me such hope because every single one fit me perfectly! :) You are so wonderful!


Marcus, I totally laughed at loud when i read your comment.
And i love your list, shannon (although I'm not to crazy about some smells).

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