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April 10, 2008



Yes, there are times I feel the same way. But I always end up writing anyway! Have a fun day writing while you don't want to write ;)


ten things I would rather do than get schoolwork done:

1. Check my email
2. Go on SH's blog
3. Read comments on blog
4. Post comment on blog
5. Drift aimlessly through other parts of SH's site
6. Space out while listening to radio (even if I don't like the song)
7. Change my clothes
8. Change my clothes again
9. Change my clothes a third time
10. Eat lunch


Ten Things I would rather be doing than finishing my Dissertation:

1. Sleep (what a novel word these days).
2. Write in book (Yeah, I'll switch you worlds today Shannon. Then you can take Maggie and Max to the zoo. They are so adorable).
3. Read stack of books I've bought but have yet to even crack the spine on.
4. Edit my video as a present to my roommates.
5. Food (another novel word these days).
6. Go to work (scary thought!).
7. Read Shannon's blog.
8. Write a reply to her amusing entry that has provided a perfect distraction.
9. Meander through the school/city library (for fun books - NOT for thesis books *shudder*)
10. Um. . . make a cake. . . for someone.


I need to write today too. . . or maybe tomorrow. I haven't written anything worthwhile in weeks. (okay, okay, months!) Have fun!

Olivia T.

Oh, but you know it's really worth writing in the end, Miss Shannon! I understand the feeling completely though! Just remember, you can do it...I truly know you can! :) Make sure to play with Maggie and Max on your breaks for they are altogether too cute and try to enjoy the lovely characters in your story! I'm rooting for you!


Keep moving forward. Keep writing.


Big, global revisions are so HARD! Why do they have to be so hard? Good luck to us both. And thanks for being my good example, and for asking if I've been writing. Because really, even if we'd rather do other things, we know we feel better if we've written something every day. =)

Laura Z M

Ten things I HAVE done today rather than anything work-related:
1. Had my blood pressure checked. (still alive)
2. Went out for bagels with my son. (orange cranberry)
3. Bought a ceramic lizard. ($4.99)
4. Googled "cholla cactus." (don't ask)
5. Ate a bowl of cereal. (for lunch)
6. Talked politics with my sister. (¡Qué barbaridad!)
7. Put air in my car tires. (using a foot pump)
8. Photoshopped. (a Grand Canyon river-rafting photo)
9. Thought of rhymes for "room." (boom, tomb, zoom, etc.)
10. Tried to figure out why my MP3 player is playing the B1000 audio tracks in the wrong order. (loving it so far, random order notwithstanding)


"Tie dye all my kids white clothing"
...that's just funny. I wasn't really sure how to read it at first, but I know what you mean. I was just picturing you standing on your lawn or something with a tub, tye-dyeing your kids...


Ten things I'd rather do than go to school tomorrow:

1. Sleep. (Yes, what a novel idea.)
2. Read. (My stack of unread books is climbing to an epic level.)
3. Write.
4. Spend a significant amount of time (more than two hours) in a bookstore.
5. Swim in a waterfall.
6. Climb a tree.
7. Lie in a meadow of daisies.
8. Travel . . . somewhere.
9. Learn to speak another language.
10. Watch several romantic comedies in a row.


I agree to the fullest with Sycamore.
It's very me. Even though I learn French at school. Maybe I could go to Ireland and learn Irish Gaelic, Italy and learn to speak it fluently (not bits and pieces), or maybe India and learn Hindi or Bengali.


Totally feel you. I'm doing putting this comment instead of doing a slew of things I should be.


Ten things I'd rather be doing then spending them with the grandkids:
Funny, I can't think of any.


Good luck with the writing today. Hopefully you'll get a rush of inspiration.


:( I hate it when I feel that way about writing. Good luck, Shannon!

me - so descriptive

Sorry you feel that way about writing today. I absolutely adore your books! So inspiring! So wondrous!-ok now I'm getting a little melodramatic. LOL.
Just wanted to say that your books are wonderful and keep up the good work.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I have about twenty things I'd rather do than the work I have to do right now. Here it goes-
*travel to Europe
*eat a snow cone
*my list is long, and I have a feeling no one really wants to hear it.
Here comes the sun everyone. And it's all right.


Ten things I'd rather do than go upstairs and do something useful:

1) Post on your blog
2) Read other posts
3) Read the Long Bio
4) Read Princess Academy (again!)
5) Read Book of a Thousand (again!)
6) Read Goose Girl
7) Read Enna Burning
8) Read River Secrets
9) Write a story
10) Post this comment (now THAT'S going to come true!)

Thanks for the post! I love Princess Academy!


haha i would rather write than anything. well i just read your last post and we are a lot in common with food. haha i just dont really like indian. i've never really tried it.... hmph........ haha well bibi


Only... a lot more to go.


hi my name is anna and i LOVE your books..... im doing a school prodject on you and i couldnt find the answer to my question on your "school help" thing so here goes

Where do you like to write? Who or what inspired you to write? and what is your favorite genre to write/read?

thanks so much!

PS if you dont answer this ill unerstand!


Ten things I'd rather do than finishing this pressing project that is due tomorrow morning:
1. Check my email constantly.
2. Refresh my facebook constantly.
3. Visit Shannon's blog.
4. Write a story thats begging to be written right now.
5. Read the comments on Shannon's blog.
6. Comment on Shannon's blog.
7. Take a nap.
8. Play computer games.
9. Eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And gummie bears.
10. Go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

But...the project is due tomorrow. Guess I better get back to work.

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