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April 14, 2008



Oh, I know what you mean. I always have to write stories for English class (plus my own personal things I work on during the weekends) and I often go through that. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes I throw everything away and start anew. About four times, I think, is how much I've done that. It is horrible.

But hope you can get through this.
And quickly. That Bayern book has me in a very impatient mood. =)


In the meantime, know that you have fans standing on the sidelines, cheering for you. We love you, and we know you are going to make it!


Shannon, I enjoy all your posts but I especially like these really candid looks at what it's like for you to write. You have no idea how helpful it is. Keep them coming!

And thanks for being so frank in your RLBio about the struggles you've had as a writer. You rock.

Enna Isilee

I admire your strength. I really do. What you're talking about is exactly why I have 501 unfinished novels laying around my house.

And, like Celes said, we're all here cheering for you.


I am sure the story will turn out JUST the way it means to in the end, and it will be perfect (or close to it). Keep writing. Things will work out.


Ugh, I have restarted my novel about 7 times now. The reason? I want perfection NOW, but I also had great new ideas for it. The outline is finally done, so I can actually WRITE now. I am so excited. I am here, struggling with you Shannon! I appreciate your efforts so much!

Here's something helpful I snatched while stalking Scott Westerfeld:

Sometimes, throwing out vast quantities of words is better than letting a whole book slowly bleed to death. Don't give up; just start over.

P.S. I still stalk Scott Westerfeld ^_^


SHANNON! What a woman! We're all behind you 100%, and even though I can't wait for Bayern 4, I will wait for your sake. Let the book devour you, let it sneak its way into your being. And then write. Of course, seeing as you're a mother of 2, and a wife, and an amazing person who probably does a bunch more than she complains about :), this might not be an entire possibility for you. And we love you for that! Keep doing what you're doing, Shannon! Don't forget to take time for yourself, love. You deserve it! :)


P.S. But what do I know? It's also completely probable and likely that you can do it all plus two bags of chips. I wouldn't be surprised. Yay for Shannon!!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I am just beginning to go through that questioning time. And, sadly to say, it seems to be with everything. With what I write, with what I paint, with a huge project I jumped into that seems to be a big mistake. I hope it all works. And I hope it works with you Shannon. I know that it will, and let me say I would never have thought of seriously writing if I hadn't read your books. And for that I'm eternally grateful. Because now I see the world through different eyes.... but now I'm done gushing. Rock the world Shannon-you know, like you already do.

Shay Shay

Dear, SHannon I LOVE your books. I am 12 years old and I live around the Salt Lake Area in Utah. I am writing a book and need help. I know you will not respond if I write YOU an E-mail so Here is mine. [deleted by site administrator for the sake of privacy] P.S Are you LDS? because a lady who lives in Salt lake City and in your Biography it said you served a unpaid mission. How could you NOT be LDS? If you are not Lds SORRY!!! if so COOL I am as well.

Jennifer Z.

Shannon, I'm so glad you have a blog! I love your books and, just as Celes said, we're all cheering for you! You did such an awesome job on all your other books, you're bound to do amazing on the ones you're working on right now! I'm cheering for you!!!

Jennifer Z.

What's your daughter's name?




I think it's encouraging that you share this kind of writing issue with readers. I have about half a novel I did for nanowrimo, and I recently realized it would be a lot better written in first person, not third. I am dreading doing a rewrite, and it's good to hear that you've also had to do major rehauls. Good luck with Bayern- I can't wait till you finish- I'm sure it will be good.




Shannon you are SOOO!! amazing. DO you have a author that inspired you? You have inspired ME to write what I love!!! thx so much for that!!!

P.S.S what are your kids names? How old are they?


Wow. I love all these writing posts. For me they're reverse phsychology. Shannon Hale struggles with writing? If that be the case, I may not be so hopeless after all.

Since my stories often start with one great big hazy idea and I am not so good at filling in the details and action, I often have to step back and question. Everything.


I'm glad to hear this, not that it makes my problem go away or anything. :) I'm doing agent-suggested revisions and have hit a point where I'm questioning the role of an entire character...not good at all... If I throw the whole ms against the wall tonight, will I come back in the morning to find only the important parts still stuck up there??


I recommended Book of a Thousand Days for our RS Book Club. It has been so fun to see ladies from 25 to 65 talking about your book all month. It has always been my personal mission to get adults to read Young Adult literature. It is so much fun! So, thanks to you we've had a great time with book club this month.

Ronda Hinrichsen

I just wanted to let you know that the Middle School teacher I work with LOVES your books. I told her I saw you at the Whitney Gala, and she responded as any fan would: OOOOOOh! Did you talk to her?
I had to tell her "No," but now I'm wondering if maybe I should have tried to at least congratulate you. Since you're a celebrity and everything . . .


please dont give up on the bayern books i love them so much! your work is truly inspirational!

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