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April 21, 2008



Who has two thumbs and is super jealous you got an advance copy of The Host? This girl!

Also, in that Batman pic, he is *so* thinking, "You harm Shannon and I will personally escort you out of Gotham into the willing hands of Chuck Norris."

Sounds like you had a blast!


Oooh, I don't know if I am more interested in the history of Ireland/floating island or all the hot-awesomeness people you got to see. Dang, you really do know everyone. Well, I suppose that comes with the territory of being a near-deity of writing. I am going to be meeting the amazing Stephanie Meyer when she comes to Salt Lake (King's English signing, of course). And here I was, hoping I would sneak a peek of you there, but no, of course you had to have a private meeting and get a signed copy and everything already. Alas. I suppose there is always the RR tour. You look so happy Shannon. I'm glad you had such an awesome time.

Laura Z M

You got to meet Trixie? The really, real Trixie?

Holy cats!

And she signed a Knuffle Bunny book?

That is too cool.


Gah! You were wearing the shirt I designed! Shannon you just made my day.

Also, that's all so awesome. You are so lucky to be able to meet all those cool people! And be a cool person!


Sooo much fun! And the part about the Ken doll Libba gave you totally cracked me up.

(Yeah, Celes, I thought of you right away when I saw her shirt. *grins*)


It sounds so much fun.

(And how cool is it to wear a shirt based on your own books? It's amazing.)

Olivia T.

Miss Shannon, your travel stories completely and totally just made my day a little brighter than it already was! Thank you so very much! I'm simply ecstatic that you and Miss Libba got to see eachother again! I bet you miss her hugely...you two fantastical ladies are so perfectly matched! :) And even though he's strange, I like your winged Ken. I bet he'll get along fabulously with My Lord the cat!

Olivia T.

I'm sorry to budge in again, Miss Shannon, but what are the pictures on your shirt? I can't seem to make out more than the picture of a flame.


Sounds like you had great fun at Comicon! Are you a little bit Irish? You look it, but most Utahns seem to be of Scandanavian stock.

Speaking of NYC, have you read the Kiki Strike books yet? Those are so good.

Shannon, I accept that we are not BFFs, but at least I can brag that we were born the same year (along with a few other people, I guess, but who cares about them?) I just did a post listing the most evocative songs of my youth, and I'm interested to know what yours are. Keep it in mind for a post sometime. What are the ten songs from your past that, when you hear them now, they transport you back in time?


Ha ha, you sound like you had a fantastic time, Shannon!

I completely envy you. You went to the Irish Hunger Memorial? I am crazy for Ireland and dying to glimpse at the way it is until I graduate.
(When I graduate I'm going to France with a friend of mine because I said so (I don't think it's sunk in quite yet for her) and I will surely take a tiiiiny little detour and visit Ireland and the UK. I promise I won't go overbudget, mom.)
And you do look a bit Irish. At least in one of the pictures.

And you hung out again with Stephenie Meyer? And she gave you a copy of The Host? That's so unfair.
Love you anyways!

Happy Earth Day everyone.
Go hug a tree. (If you don't have a tree hug a flower.....but don't squish it!)


Great post! I love to hear about all these travels and wonderful new authors to read and obsess over! And may I say I am still in love with your bangs?

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

So the real question is, are you going to the riot on Friday? Because if you are.... well let's just say I wouldn't miss it. Not that I'm not interested in Brandon Mull, because I am. And I love New York. I watched one of the old batman cartoons on you tube the other day, and holy cow!! Superior to all the other insignificant cartoons of today... and I love Ireland. After taking a class of European history I have been going crazy to go to Europe. And, low and behold, my brother goes instead. And your bangs are awesome. I guess I just love everything you do. Okay. I'm done now. :D

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Sorry, just two more things. The picture with the sunglasses... hello model!! And I guess it's about time I read Stephanie Meyer books. Okay. I'm done NOW.


FABLEHAVEN! I'm reading those books right now as I type! (Actually, that might be kind of hard. Focus on the keyboard, focus on the novel...) I am reading them though. They're great! You won't be dissapointed! HOW cool that me and Shannon Hale are reading the same series at the same time...AH! That is so fun to be able to say!




I discovered 'Fablehaven' about a week ago when I started my 'read all the way through the YRCA nominees list' for work. ((I'm the manager of the children's section of an independent bookstore)) I haven't read the sequel yet but it made me squee in all sorts of happy ways to know that it was already out. Brandon Mull is a genius. I will add him to my list of 'authors I desperately wish I could convince to travel to Alberta and visit my bookstore.' ((You're currently the top, I have to admit))

Also, I haven't started my copy of 'The Host' yet but I've heard excellent things from the other advanced reviewers I know. One I finish the new Cory Doctorow, it's next in the pile. Whee :)


Those pictures are bee-yoo-tee-ful. I love NYC. I just hope our paths shall cross their someday. If that ever does happen, however, I may just stare in breathless awe as you pass by.

I intend to preorder the Host on Amazon.com, but I can't really officially call myself a Stephenie Meyer fanatic as of yet, as I still have to read Eclipse. But I shall become a Twilighter soon enough, never fear.

Jennifer Z.

Fablehaven IS a good series! You are lucky to be know all these authors and to have fun in New York! I love your blog!


Lucky you with your advanced copy of The Host and writer buddies. (Grr. Jealousy.)

But seriously, that sounds like fun!


Sounds like you had a fun trip!!!


Hey, you and Batman make a really cute couple.


Not as cute as her and Dean though!


omg i swear you are friends with every author i am deeply in love with. I am so jealous you got THE HOST already!!! ugh i am just plain jealous that you know stephenie meyer period. UGH I WISH I WAS AN AUTHOR!!!!!!!


You get to do so much cool stuff it's hardly fair. Actually, nevermind. You work really hard and even stuggle to reach book-perfection. The hard work pays off. :)


My-oh-my... I am still SO FREAKING jealous that you got an early copy of the host..... UGH!!! Oh well, you deserve it ALL!!!! You rock Shannon Hale. Let's all try and make a day where there is NO school and NO work, and everyone reads their favorite authors books!! Can we write Mr. Pres. on that?!?! I know I would read goose girl!!!!

Maribeth Kayla

That's sounds awesome and fun. :)

I wish I had some books to read.


Why, oh why didn't I read this post sooner? I love the Fablehaven series. Of course, SLC is still hours away from me but I could have at least entertained the thought of going up there. Hope it was fun!


Oh, Fablehaven is awsome right up there with Goose Girl! I went to that party and yeah it was great!! Brandon Mull is a great guy!

I am so jelous a copy of The Host? No fair!! I'm sure you'll have fun with it.

Little Willow

Sounds like fun was had.
Winged Ken is looking a little Swayze-esque!



Forget all the books...I'm 34 and jealous you got to meet Trixie. We read those books all the time around here!


The Host is awesome. All kinds of awesome. I liked it even better than Twilight. It was rightly in your Must Read Now pile. But by now you probably have, and know that.

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