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February 02, 2008


Enna Isilee

Tuesday. Harumph. I am becoming less excited for other people and more annoyed at the amazing and fantastic signings going on all around the world. I know this is horribly petty because I have had my fair share of Shannon but I'm allowed to be petty. I'm a teenager.

*still speaking in the same annoyed tone* Congratulations (seriously) I read FIRST KISS and thought it was hilarious. Good for you. Both.

The End.


Oooooh. I've been meaning to pick that up!
I wish you would come to Texas, but I know you are quite busy, and of course you do miss adorable little Max and Maggie. and Dean. :)


Awesome "Wonderful Town" allusion in the title! I'm excited to read First Kiss, which sounds both awkward and amazing all at once.


Okay, that story about Dean writing about your first kiss was hilarious. I love that it was such a girly topic. It's nice to be married to a sensitive man, isn't it?


Ugh, I know what you mean about missing people. My parents are in Mexico, and I want them home. I love my gramma, she's amazing, but I am tired of having to get after children and keep them in order! (I have 4 younger brothers. Yikees.) Hope other things run good for you. I REALLY enjoyed it when you and Libba came to Powell's in Portland. It was fawesome. I was shaky and sick from excitement, awe, and nervousness. You gals are just SO cool. I wish I could be best friends with you both. *sigh*

Congrats on your kissing. ;)


That sounds really (cool? awesome? outstanding?) sweet ;D

And congrats on that great first review, Dean :D


My flight was delayed, too, though waiting five? hours in an airport is not so bad as it might seem.

Of course, after meeting you and Libba the night before, nothing could have put me in a bad mood. :D

And your and Dean's story in the anthology was absolutely hysterical. I read it at Borders the other week and was actually laughing quietly.

Ruby Diamond

Dang! I was going to bring my copy of The Martian Chronicles! How about Tolkien -- will you sign that?


I've seen "First Kiss (Then Tell)" about a million times at Borders and I've never noticed even one of the authors on the side. The title just sort'a seemed like teen drama. (Which I don't enjoy.) But I suppose I must begin to see beyond the cover and title.

Ohhhh Deeeeaaaaan! Congrats on your first publication! ;) I can't wait to read it. You're a great horror writer in my opinion, but I MUST read about your kiss! It'll be different and so interesting.


I can't wait to read your story. It sounds fabulous and I'm having Shannon Hale withdrawal anyway!


How fun is this? I love NPR's Youth Radio and I love reading. Perfect combination!


Hi Shannon,

I have been reading your blog for about a month now, and finally decided to comment! I simply loved Book of a Thousand Days, and just finished reading The Goose Girl. Both were written wonderfully, and I thank you for creating them.

I really wanted to go to the book-signing in Miami, but unfortunately I have to work. You'll absolutely dazzle everyone there!


"It would damage his manliness more if he wasn't so HUGELY manly that the little chip in the armor isn't even noticeable." - BEST line in the whole blog.

I love seeing the love you have for each other. You are right, Dean is an amazing writer (and so cool in person too!) this will be fun to see "the other side" of manly Dean. I cannot wait for Rapunzel's Revenge to come out. You and Dean collaborating together should be nothing less than phenomenal.


After reading his stories on Deadcrumbs it's kind of funny to think about him writing a story about his first kiss with you, but it sounds so cute. I'll have to get it.


When will you post about the results of the princess tips contest?

Marcus Aurelius

I forgot your B-Day present to drop off whilst I was delivering for the Goopher.

I guess I'm about the worst friend ever. (Here's a hint: I got you a copy of "Austenland", signed by Ray Bradbury.)

Oh Snap!

Good luck in Miami. Avoid the sound machines, if at all possible.


Wow, I have passed 'First Kiss (Then Tell)' about a million times at the bookstore and never gave it a second thought. Now, I've gotta get down there to read that book!!! *Running really fast*

Oh, and same as Ruth, When are you gonna post the results. I'm dying to know who won!! :)


Marcus Aurelius strikes again! That was very funny.

shannon hale

Sorry, guys, we'd hoped to announce on Jan. 26 but then we had to get written permission from all the winners' parents since they're under 18, so we're waiting on that. At this point, though, the winners probably already know who they are.


Q, I agree with you.

Marcus Aurelius, where do you get all that wit? Do you think you could give me some?


Sorry to double post but the extra wit would come in VERY handy when you have to write three short stories and about seven poems every nine-weeks (at school the semesters are divided in half).
Not to mention essays, formal essays, extra-credit extra-informal essays, the great big "short" story due at the end of the year...


I will be happy everytime I see the word Ohio on your blog. *Hugs self.* Because I was there. And we arm wrestled. And you signed my books. *Hugs self again.* Yay!

Jaya Lakshmi

See you tonight, Shannon! I'll try to write a sonnet for you- we're learning about them in English!
And I read Austenland. It ROCKED!! I think I'm going to remember this novel in the form of Jane's many boyfriends.


I found First Kiss at B&N yesterday, jsut to read your part of it. It was quite amazing. Hales, you are hilarious.


Waiting patiently for the "eat nothing but chocolate" report...


It was great seeing you and Libba at Books & Books yesterday. i plan on reading both books the minute i can lay my hands on them. thanks for reinspiring me to become a writer :)


Sorry, I know this a bit off topic, but I just pre-ordered Rapunzel's Revenge on Amazon.com. I was so excited to see it there FINALLY! Wah hoo and way to go!


Ack! I was reading all those comments. And the comment I posted before was posted by someone else! And it says my name above theirs.

Haha. Computer's fault.


Holey Moly! That First Kiss book sounds great, and not only am I ecstatic that you and your husband are in it, but Deb Caletti is too. She is wonderful.


It did it again! It switched the comments. I am not Nancy. I am just Reese.

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