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November 06, 2007



Your kids are lucky to have such a great, devoted mother and your fans are lucky that you are able to write such wonderful stories while being such a great mom!!!


Thanks for the advice. I'm a mom with 1 little girl, and even now I find it hard to make time to write. It's really wonderful to hear what an amazing writer has to say on the subject.

Oh, and I agree. The mom thing IS worth ever moment -- even the moments you aren't writing.


It is very easy to come up with excuses to not write and "being a mother" sounds like such a legitimate one. Like you are choosing the better part. Thanks for your post on how it doesn't have to be an either/or. I'm guessing I'm not the only mother who finds time for some immediate-gratification type stuff even though I have children at home. The challenge is to allow yourself no excuses (at least for that little goal per day) and get it done, often instead of the immediate gratification.


Yep! You definitely rock! Thanks for the 15 minutes/day writing advice.

Gwennyth--you didn't attend the fantasy writing class and the BYU Writing for Young Readers Workshop, did you?


you make those of us who aren't mothers (and still whine about not having enough time to write) look bad. :)


Ven you are right once again. I am not a mother and feel bad now because I can never find any time to write.
BUT-- yes, that "but" that brings up an excuse(I'm terrible, I know)-- I have homework every single night. In addition, my mother takes graduate school studies and studies EVERY night. It's horrible for me not to be able to write my stories. That's why now I am taking a few minutes whenever I can (usually everyday) and write at least a paragraph. It makes me feel a little better.

Ruby Diamond

Thanks for the great insight. Superb.


I think I'm going to print this list and tape it into my notebook, and every time I wonder if I can write and mother simultaneously, I will refer to it. Great advice. Thanks. :)


This is an awesome entry Shannon, it really is. I want to be just like you (as corny as that sounds it's true). Even though I am still in college, no kids (working in the boyfriend department actually ;) it is something I want so much and you said it so perfectly. You are such a simple inspiration to me and I love you to death. And yes, you do rock.


Hoot, hoot! You rock!



Yay! I voted for River Secrets (about 50 times, but as LittleRed pointed out, they might have only counted one vote per IP address lol)
I have and always will admire your perserverance, Shannon. I imagine writing and mothering 2 young kids is nearly impossible at times, and yet you manage to pull it off beaufifully. *virtual cupcakes* (They're choco-peanut butter, by the way. Hope you're not allergic.)


I almost always find my fifteen minutes a day. However, I generally use it for showering. Where I forget to use my brain. Well, I think I do have one of your suggestions mastered: "I mostly fail." Heh.

Shannon, you are an inspiration to all motherdom. Much hooting and cheering from this corner of the world. You do so totally rock.


Yep, Shannon, you rock! (Typed with one hand with toddler on lap--but hoping for 15 minutes with both hands before the other 3 kids get home).

I've always admired your ability to prioritize and feel good about what you are able to do, without regretting what you didn't do. Thanks for your thoughts!

Melissa aka Librarybooks from LRRH

My sister and I are just at the point of starting families and talk about this all the time! How to be a working mom? I agree that being a mom should always come first.

Thanks for the good advice!


You are so awesome! I totally want to be a MOM when I grow up and throw everything else in number 2 position.


Thanks for the inspiring advice, Shannon. As I anticipate the arrival of child #2 next month and wonder how on earth I'm ever going to continue writing, your words of wisdom are a great help.

Do you find that being a mom has (in addition to all the wonderful and exasperating and back to wonderful again, every day) lent a whole new perspective to your writing? The experience makes me feel rich, at least as often as it makes me exhausted!


Shame. I have no excuse of motherdom or homework or...well I guess work-work is an excuse...vaguely. But you are inspiring. With NaNoWriMo going on, I needed it! Thanks for the help. We should thank your kids for letting us have you as often as we do.

Platinum Mom

thanks for sharing these details!! I was "just doin' it" to see if it was truly possible, write w/ kid-help, that is. The hollars of "HOMERUN!!!" from the Living Room were a tad distracting, as are the Monster Truck rally sounds playing behind me now, but I can see what you're saying... thinking about the stories, writing when there's a moment. I may have four "helpers", two still at home (one non-napper makes a difference, fer sure) but I can make time to read! I bet I can squeeze in a moment to write... makin' it flow'll be the trick, probably.


It's great that your heart can have room for your love of writing in it, even when you have two great, amazing kids ;) Truly awesome :)


thanks Shannon! I think your ideas work so well in other areas too, even for those of us that are just readers. I love the idea of training your brain! As another awesome mentor of mine says, "you make up stories to yourself all the time, so make them good ones!"


Kudos Shannon! I can't believe you passed up "Up-Chuck" to spend time with your fans--it was Bountiful's best day! Thanks for reminding us all that baby steps are better than no steps, and for being our BFF. All moms should hail you queen for putting fam. first but still being you!

Laura of Everworks

It's great to hear about the devotion you show your children! At this rate they will grow up into children you can be very proud of:) We need more of those kind of people in the world.

Quick comment about your mind returning to the story (you are currently working on) at odd moments. I don't know if you will comment, but do you ever find your concentration abilities to diminish? I was once doing something similiar and my concentration capacities broke -- I would get sidetracked when something (usually the dog pacing) while working on something. My abilities are better now, but I was wondering. (Of course with young children perhaps your mind already works this way.)


You're my hero! p.s. I love your books :)


I love River Secrets
it is awesome
razo is my favorite
i wante to know what happened to isi's family at her real (though it shouldn't be called real...Bayern is!!!! :)~) country. and her sister comes. thanks!!!!
dasha is great! it was really awesome....!


Shannon Hale,
I know Enna,Finn, and Razo is use to call her Isi (Ani), and her sister could call her Anidori or Ani, or in a letter to make some of them confused, that could be a really neat kind of part in the book!!!!!

PS: ur books r gr8!

Cathy Lim

I have just been finishing up Actor and the Housewife, and found that it inspired me to get back to writing. Today. Reading is ALWAYS a great idea, and if it inspires me to write, even better! And may I just say, I laughed and cried and warmed right up to those characters. Captured love and friendship and the mothering life so sweetly and right.

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