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October 25, 2007



I love Sherwood Smith's books!!! That so cool to have an interview with her!!!


Whoa, coo-wul interview! And if I had a writer living next to me, I'd probably load her/him with tons of questions, asking for tips and ideas and stuff like that...Yes, I'd be annoying, but I probably wouldn't be able to help it :)


Oh Shannon! You got Sherwood Smith?!? I thought I was the only one in the world who knew about her (okay fine, not quite true; Crown Duel and Court Duel are checked out a lot in my library, but still). I didn't know there was a scene taken out with Flauvic. Now I really want to get a hold of my paperback copy and read it all in one go *curses college homework* You have impeccable tastes, if I do say so myself. Thank you so much for posting this up Shannon!


Great interview, Shannon! Crown Duel is one of my favorite books.


What a great interview! I adore Sherwood Smith.

She's on livejournal, in case anyone didn't know.


There's also a community on Livejournal that revolves around S-d and reading/writing in general. You can ask Sherwood Smith questions about everything and she DOES answer!



I kind of freaked out a little when I saw Sherwood Smith's name at the top of the new blog, since I l-o-v-e Sherwood Smith. I read Crown Duel and Court Duel after a particuarly hard move and loved how easily I was transported to Mel's world. This basically just made my day.


Whoa whoa whoa wait. Can someone tell me what S-d is? Is it something in the book? I haven't read it. If that's where it's from maybe that's why I'm so confused... I'm going to look for that now--it sounds great!

And besides that, I just read Blackbringer and ADORED it. Shannon, you have SUPERB taste. I am so jealous.


S-d stands for Sartorias-deles, and it's the world in which Crown Duel and some other of Sherwood Smith's books are set. ((and i did go to wikipedia for that information.))


Crown Duel and Court Duel sound great! As soon as my mom lets me go to the library, i'll try to find it! (i'm on strike now-
boo hoo)


These interviews shouldn't be called "squeetus exclusive" becaue if anyone really cared to they could just copy/paste the text and host it somewhere else. I have yet to notice anything in the site's code that would block the copy/pasting of blog posts. Why anyone would I can't imagine.


Yay! Thank you. I love Sherwood Smith!


Oh my gosh...
Shannon, I completely understand why you were drawn to the book just by the cover. The cover of Crown Duel was the first thing I saw and was like "Whoa! What book is that!? It looks so good. I've got to read it!"
It sounds really interesting too. They don't have it a my school or public library though. I'll have to track it down at Borders. Order it if I have to. It's a bit of a downer that my public library doesn't have many YA books. It only has about one-hundred. And most of them don't really sound that interesting either. I like fantasy and most of the books are about teen-drama and I get enough of that at school. Oh well. They just brought in this book that looks simply amazing...
Though, it's obvious they have The Goose Girl and Enna Burning. They haven't brought in River Secrets or B1000 or Austenland yet (and I haven't seen Princess Academy) but I will soon change that. Time for a little talk with my very good friend the librarian...

Oh, and Shewood sounds like an amazing writer. And she sounds like she's got nerve to. I would never do the chicken dance. Then again...


Wow... I didn't realize my last post was so long. My bad.


Yay for Sherwood Smith! Crown Duel is one of my favorite books. The Wren books were really good to, I've been waiting for years for this elusive above-mentioned fourth book. Any ideas on when its coming out? :D

Enna Isilee


Knock it off. There's no reason to "nitpick." It's just a name.


The name is false in its claims of exclusion.

Enna Isilee

So? Does that matter? Is the world going to end? And it was a squeetus "exclusive" for some amount of time. Please. This is a place where people want to feel comfortable (please don't give me that crap about how "anyone can post anything on the internet" and "we shouldn't expect what we can't control" or anything like that, I've heard it.)


Enna Isilee--
I'm not trying to be rude or offensive but I think you are too quick to jump all over people. To be honest, it makes me feel uncomfortable. Please---simmer down.

Enna Isilee

Oh my gosh. Jane I'm so sorry. I'm a living Oxymoron aren't I? I should have just ignored him.

So sorry.

Enna Isilee

Or her. My bad. Or her.


Bravo, Enna Isilee. Not many people take a come-uppance so graciously. ;)

Enna Isilee

I was wrong. I realized that at 6:32 unfortunately.

Enna Isilee

Though Jane, have I "jumped" on someone before? Oh dear. I was fully aware of my jumping this time, but not any other. Which is much worse.

Sherwood Smith

Thank you, Shannon, for your questions and for the opportunity to appear on your blog. And no gas/travel expense, woo hoo! I love me the Internets.

To the person who asked about the fourth Wren book, it was written three years ago, and eventually I will get it published! Thank you for asking.


That cracks me up about her neighborhood.


More than one person "jumped" all over Dante, and that upset me quite a bit because he/she was absolutely hilarious and I always watched for his/her comments and now he/she has been scared away. His/her comments could be rude and disrespectful if read in a certain way, but with an open mind, they seemed more humorous than rude.

I don't remember who it was, but since you asked...

It seems to me that there are a lot of people commenting here (I'm not singling out anyone in particular) who seem to be so defensive about Shannon and everything else. It's irritating and I think Shannon is fully capable of dealing with someone who is bothering her. I wish everybody could lighten up and back off.

I've been longing to say that for an age.

Enna Isilee

And it's nice to hear you say it.


Oh dear. That's what I've felt to be different. I knew there was something missing but I was not sure what it was. My homework and my mother's graduate school studies via the internet kept me from reading and posting in about four blogs. I can't believe Dante has gone. His posts might have been critical but this is a BLOG! In my opinion one is supposed to discuss different subjects in a blog. Otherwise, with everybody agreeing, it would be boring. Dante's commentaries were completely witty and humorous.
I fully agree with Jane.


Glad to see that someone else mourns Dante's passing. A few of his/her comments were slightly over the line, but, well, they were clearly opinion posts!

And don't worry about being a living oxymoron, Enna Isilee, I'm sure people who read my posts thank that it's impossible that I am one person. And they are almost right. Almost.

And I also find it amusing how we're completely off the subject of Sherwood Smith. And how often that seems to happen on Squeetus. I hope no subject of the blog entries feels offended by the random familiarity of many Squeetusers.


Hey, everyone! Just wanted to say that, if you're interested, there's a great Sherwood Smith short story called "Beauty" in an anthology by Firebirds, called "Firebirds: An Anthology of Original Fantasy and Science Fiction". It's about Crown Duel but not any of the main characters, from what I understand. It's the first thing I read from her, and really enjoyed it! I can HIGHLY recommend Karavans & Deepwood, too. About the anthology, watch out -- some of my favorite short stories are in there, but also some of my least favorite. Leave "Beauty" or "Poppy" for last -- they're great!


I love your blog, Shannon, it's the only one I read regularly. Funnily enough, the other author web site i check often is Sherwood Smith! I love Crown Duel and made all my friends read it, and we used to act the scene where Mel goes to the ball at Athnarel and Vidanric takes her down the staircase. You should see us, trying to "narrow our eyes in suppressed laughter". Anyway, thanks for the interview!
And for the people above, you weren't too off-topic, I hope no one would be offended.
Oh, and I bought Firebirds just so I could read Beauty and I really liked it, I think Meliara's children need a book of their own. Just my opinion. :-)


The rude comments made by people (yes, there's been more than one) have made me want to stop reading this blog and the comments here entirely on occasion. I can find Shannon's words elsewhere for info. People have been disrespectful, condescending, and just downright rude at times. Obviously, we're all Shannon's fans (why else would we be reading her blog?) so at this point I think everyone should just try to watch what they say, preview posts before posting, and stop to think, "Hey, could I be hurting someone's feelings with what I'm saying?"

It's common curtesy, to Shannon and her fans.


Thank you Calliope1of9 and Jane for speaking up. I think we need to realise everyone is entitled to their opinion.


Happy Halloween!

November is National Novel Writing Month. Is anyone starting NaNoWriMo tomorrow? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should check out www.nanowrimo.org

I'm not starting the official 50,000 word challenge, but I am going to try to finish writing my longest rough draft. I've never finished a novel.

And Shannon, I love the author interviews! Sherwood Smith's books look like lots of fun. I'll be reading them just as soon as I finish my rough draft.


Yea! I went out and bought Crown Duel just a little bit after I read Goose Girl--5 years ago--because it was on Shannon's list of recommended books. It made me happy. Shannon, you do have impeccable taste. I have absconded with my library's copies of Megan Whalen Turner's books...I haven't been able to bring myself to return them yet.


My dear, you abuse me. I may be a synonym for taking, but from a library one would imagine that you did not truly take them to avoid capture. If one was to take smutty romance novels or issues of PENTHOUSE, you would abscond them, but that connotation is inappropriate in the context of procuring Attolia books from a library. Word choice is always important.


To utilize the popular chatspeak phrase,
to the "everyone is entitled to their own opinions." Everyone, my foot.




Abscond, clearly I was avoiding being captured by the grasping hand of boredom. Or you could say I helped the books "escape from a place of detention." And now, avoiding capture by the library itself since I won't give them back, I have absconded WITH the books, or taken the books with me, you see? I often have insane logic for my word choice, but it makes sense to me. But, as you say, connoting smutty romance is doing Eugenides' story a great disservice. And I apologize.
Oh, and I suppose it was only 4 years ago, not 5. Sorry everyone.


(as long as we're examining the meaning of words...) Nitpik--I'm so confused by your objection to the word "exclusive." I think perhaps you don't understand what it means. Of course anyone can copy the interview and post it elsewhere once it's up. There would be no way to prevent that. But the point is, it appeared here first and the interviewees answered these questions just for this blog. This is the definition of this particular usage:
Journalism. a piece of news, or the reporting of a piece of news, obtained by a newspaper or other news organization, along with the privilege of using it first.


Ah...I love it when us Squeetusers seemingly get off topic. Only seemingly though. If you truly think about it (andf look for the deep strange logic behind it) it is all connected in some way.

My librarian friend wasn't there when I went to the library the other day. I wonder if she reads this blog, knows who I am, and did not go on that particular day (she has this "power" where she can just "feel" if I'll be going that day or not) simply to annoy me. I can only wonder...

Oh! I'm in a thinking mood today.
Better take that thinking and use it on my homework.


wow. this is my first time on this site. found the link on Sherwood's page and thought i'd check it out since i also loved The Goose Girl. this has all been very interesting (and amusing) to read. i think i'll visit more. it's just like a coffee shop conversation. :)


Crown Duel is one of my daughter's "comfort" reads. She read one copy to pieces and had to buy another one.

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