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October 01, 2007



I'm really enjoying these dialogues between you two, and learning a lot. I have not yet read Megan's books but now I'm eager to start! And that's a funny story about your creative writing teacher, Shannon. That was the time for the bookseller to step in again and say all the Newbery/bestseller list stuff so you could just blush and smile!


Coolness. I love these interviews. :D

Unfortunately, I have yet to read Megan's books, but now I can't wait. Can someone remind me that the next time I go to a bookstore, I need to get them? ;)

Oh, and I find it most ignorant when people do not understand the difficulties of writing a *good* children's book.

R.J. Anderson

Two of my favorite fantasy authors interviewing each other -- hot diggity. Thanks for doing this, Shannon!

And to all the people who haven't yet read Megan's books -- you are in for a major treat. I liked The Thief all right, but I loved The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia just blew. me. away.

Anyway, with three boys under the age of seven I deeply, deeply empathize with the time issue, Shannon. If you ever figure out a good way to handle it, let me know! I have a dreadful feeling that my two-year-old is about to give up his one remaining nap, which is giving me recurrent nightmares of having to call up my editor and beg for an extension, and another, and another...


The author interviews rock! Thanks for introducing us to these writers, Shannon.

And I agree with Laini. The bookseller should have spoken up.

But does it say something for children's book authors that so many people think there's nothing to writing a children's book? Could it be that you all make it look so effortless because you are phenomenally graceful?

Enna Isilee

Um... Were you interviewing her or was she interviewing you?

This is just plain hilarious. What I would pay to watch you guys eat dinner together or something. Ha!

Ruby Diamond

Wow. The story about Brian Selznick floors me. And I can sympathize with the underestimation of a difficult profession: Once, when I told someone I was going into Elementary Education the reply was "You're wasting your brains!"

Anyway, the Center for Children's Books is at UIUC? I'm probably going there next year! That sounds awesome!


UIUC has a nice collection, from what I remember. Sorry that we took your books!

And Shannon, the scenario with the professor made me laugh and made me want to tear my hair out. Hello, Newbery, anyone??


Oh! Thank you so much for this post! My third baby was born at the end of July, and I've been having difficulty finding my writing time ever since (it doesn't help that the pregnancy became complicated towards the end). It's good to know that experienced writers have the same problems that I do. Thanks so much -- writing moms everywhere need to hear this!


Eugenides is one my favorite characters in fiction ever. Please tell us when the next book is coming. My guess is, he won't be finished until he rules the world, whether he wants to or not.


I just finished The Thief and currently have The Queen of Attolia. The Thief was very good.


I am so happy to be back! Three posts I've missed. Three!

School is not an easy task.

On another note...Shannon, I love the author interviews. They are truly a look into the author's mind. And I love Laini's hair too. So electrifyingly sassy! Bold! Pink!

And once again you have me dying to read yet another fabulous sounding book by another fabulous sounding author.

First the Twilight series. Then Laini's Fairies of Dreamdark series and now The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia...!? Plus added to that is Book of A Thousand Days.

I can't wait for Christmas vacation. Then I shall be able to read as much as my heart desires...


Changing names at marriage is creepy, since it has undertones of transaction from one owner (one's father) to another (husband) for a specific price (dowry).
There is more to life than a stay-at-home mom. The FEMININE MYSTIQUE and all that jazz? Writing is so satisfying.

Enna Isilee

I like both Bryner and Hale. I have a teacher who hyphenated her married name with her maiden name and then her daughter did the same and now as three last names. I find it much easier just to take the husbands name. And if you keep your maiden name does that mean that you still are owned by your father? I think that taking your husbands name shows not ownership, but devotion. On both parts.


Or you could just go by your married name but keep your maiden name as a sort of middle name... But not sign it on your checks and stuff.


Yeah, children's books are so easy to write, it's a wonder more people aren't doing it. Perhaps I'll type one up before going to bed tonight. Ha.

Thanks for sharing this conversation. It's delightful. Looking forward to part three...

Ruby Diamond

I heard an interesting perspective on the name-taking thing recently. It was something like instead of a woman taking a man's name to show devotion it was a man giving his name to her in trust that she won't defile it or some such. A sign of his trust and devotion.


Still, why not keep your old name? What if your husband's name is something like Katczinsky but your name is Johnson? There are better, more romantic or philosophical ways to show devotion to your spouse.


I agree with Alyosha and Laura.

And if his last name is Katczinsky, then it will be very easy to convince others to call you by your first name! And I think it would be fun to sign your name Katczinsky in flowy spidery cursive! I like names that are a challenge to pronounce. It's hilarious when people mess your name up.

Please post the rest of the Megan W Turner interview! I'm eager to read it. =)

I'd be very willing to babysit for Megan while she writes. That is...if I lived in California. ):-/


Shannon and Megan,

If I were to meet you and you said "I write children's books" I would do one of two things: (a) burst into tears, fall down at your feet, thank you profusely and ask if I could bask in your greatness for just a little while longer or (b) do all the above and run away in sheer embarrassment.

So thank you. And Shannon, I live very near to you and would be happy to watch your kids at any time. (I even have references.)

As an editor, I stand in awe of both of you!

Enna Isilee

Alyosha, we never said that you couldn't keep your maiden name. Really it's all a matter of opinion. Yours is obviously that you should keep your maiden name (I'm inferring) and some of us concur and some of us don't. It's all just opinion.

Faith #2

My mom made her maiden name her middle name. My middle name is her maiden name, and so are my sister's middle names. I'll probably keep me maiden name and change the last name if I get married, too. I don't think it's that big a deal wether you do or not, just whatever you prefer.

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