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April 30, 2007



Congratulations, Shannon, on winning the Beehive Award for Princess Academy! There was loads of though competition this year. Well done, you.


Congratulations, Shannon, on winning the Beehive Award for Princess Academy! There was lots of though competition this year. Well done, you.


The Midwest? My fingers are crossed. Ohio Ohio, please Ohio


The Midwest? My fingers are crossed. Ohio Ohio, please Ohio


blowing off work and staring at your amazing kids is one of the benefits of being a mom - enjoy it!

(max looks just like you!)


Ohh... They are adorable!!! How brave to tackle the U.S. with both of them in tow! It should be lots of fun! If you ever get the chance to come to Virginia, D.C., Maryland, somewhere around there, it would be awesome! Good luck with all your writing, and congratulations on having 2 books published this year!


ever gonna come to the Northeast on a tour, Shannon???

that would be AWESOME!! :D


They are SO cute!

AUGH! Now when I'm at camp I'll be thinking that I am MISSING MY CHANCE to meet you!


:0) Max and Maggie are precious. So adorable. We all love them at LittleRed. Max looks just like you!

Have fun touring, doesn't look like I'll ever be able to see you. :( The northeast coast is not popular, eh?


Your children are too cute. You are one lucky mama. :)

Northwest? *starts hoping*


Wow, Max and Maggie are adorable. Look at Max's eyes!

New Jersey? I can't wait to find out where!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it's not too far away... please please please let it be near Philly...


Oh my gosh! They look so adorable together! And Max's eyes! They are so cute! I hope you'll start to get more progress with jack. And congrats on the 2 books that are coming out this year! You have no idea how excited I am for them!


oh they are cute! I hope you stop in Florida!*crosses fingers*


Is Maggie letting you eat chocolate again? Max appears to enjoy posing with his little sister. I'm almost feeling guilty that we live in the Salt Lake Valley where we will have several chances to maybe see you at various bookstores. We'd like to get Austenland in hardback-maybe I could request a certificate for it from my family for a Mother's Day gift!

Enna Isilee

Oh that picture makes me chuckle. They are both so cute (I know, not original but true). And I also feel guilty, I'm going to a ton of the upcoming events. Sorry y'all. I just got lucky.


Wow, your kids are so cute. (I am also quite original. Kidding.) I love babies. I wish they could stay little forever...well, not forever, but for awhile. Can't wait to see the tour dates. Libba Bray is another favorite author. Max has this perfect look of adorable astonishment on his face. I love it! Has anyone read the Star of Kazan? I'm reading it right now and it's great...


Max looks such the perfect gentleman! And I think Maggie is ready for the opera. Shannon, can you sing?


So when is Repunzel's Revenge coming out?


Max is such a cutie, and Maggie is absolutely gorgeous!


Well, Enna Isilee, for those of us in Utah, we are usually ignored by most exciting things. It's just that when an author LIVES in Utah, she tends to visit some places in Utah... while I, um, go and visit all the ones I can. Ditto Enna Isilee "sorry guys!"


Shannon your kids are soooooooo cute! The look on Max's face is priceless.
Sorry you're having such troubles with Jack. You'll get it! Don't worry!

Faith #2

Max looks JUST like you and Maggie looks like her awesome daddy.
yay! I'm going to see you on tour!
and keep up with Jack. it'll be tough, but it'll be worth it!

Callie the Strongbad Fan

I looked at the tour dates and I was so thrilled to see that Shannon will be coming to Portland, and not far from my house! Oh, I'm so overjoyed! I can't wait for the end of June! And Shannon, your children are wonderful! And they are doing so well because you work so hard for them. And good going with the rewrites. It sounds perfectly normal to me for such rewrites to go on. I personally like rewriting, even though I'm practically sweating blood while I do it, because it makes the story turn out good. You go Shannon!



I'm 3/4 of the way through Princess Academy, and I must share with you, that I've had several good chuckles as I've come across passages concerning "diplomatic negotiations" (aka "resolving concerns" in mission field lingo) and "build on common ground" (or "building relationships of trust").

After reading these fun passages which share some common missionary wisdom with the rest of the literary world, I was jubilant inside to see that you had tapped into something great that may seem commonplace to anyone of our culture, but foreign to others not raised in "Mount Eskel."

I've long thought that writers here in "Zion" should write their works for general audiences everwhere, not just for those who frequent the Deseret Book in "Spanish" down in happy valley, if you know what I mean.

Just as Chiam Potok shared brilliance from his own culture to myriad cultures of other faiths, those who know about "building on common ground" should share that with the Danlanders, and not just with those grown and raised in Mount Eskel. So, kudos to you, Shannon!

I'm a children's book
illustrator and have a latent desire to write something publishable myself someday (maybe by the time my three little ones go to college), so I am so excited to see that a young mother has accomplished such a feat.

I gave up meeting deadlines with The Friend magazine when my first was six months-old, so I'm utterly amazed that you're accomplishing anything aside from having a single thought to yourself once a day. (Either your kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes on a regular basis--along with your mental sink brimming with great thoughts--or you have a husband who team tasks very well.

Speaking of husbands, mine just woke up and shuffled in to let me know that I should go to bed myself so that I can be on breakfast duty while he studies in the morning.

Two more pages of Princess Academy with a flashlight in bed, and I promise to go to sleep, until I pick up where I leave off with the first nursing in the morning!

-Glad to have found your books, and since PA is my first read of yours so far, I'm glad there's a store of them for future reading.

NerdyEm of Historic Sandy, Utah (if Utah can have "historic areas")


Texas?! Oh, please do come!

The Great Kate

Dear Shannon,
Just thought I'd post a comment on how wonderful your work is. You're my favorite author, and I've read all three Bayern books and Princess Academy. I'm currently looking for Austenland; I'm an Austen fan, and it sounds like an intriguing piece.
I don't know which book of yours is my favorite. I liked Princess Academy very much, but must admit that the Bayern Books are more my style. I read The Goose Girl first, so I'm partial to it. I just finished River Secrets. My library just got it in new. I was so excited! I loved it. Razo is such a hilarious character! I really liked him in Enna Burning, thinking him total comic relief. I think that his book presents a new side of him. He's very likeable; good job with that. My favorite character of the three books is...um...probably, Enna. But that's so hard, though! Your characters are all so personable. It's hard to choose. Keep it up! I can't wait for more of them!
Post Script: So, when's the next Bayern book coming out? And don't tell me that they're over.


Hurray!I may be able to catch you at one of those tour sites.
In an odd way, I find it encouraging that you are struggling with rewriting-and yet, you write such wondeful books! Maybe there is some hope for me... Best of Luck, though-I'm sure it will turn out lovely.
Max and Maggie are adorable! The moment in the photograph is precious. I'm sure none of us blame you in the slightest for taking time off writing to stare at them. ;)

Janette Rallison

I was so excited to see you were coming to Arizona--until I realized I'd be in Hawaii at the time. Bummer! And by the way of warning: It will be ridiculously hot when you get here. Remind me to tell you my Changing Hands story someday.


Shannon, Max looks like you. :D He's cute. He reminds me of a little boy I use to babysit. Me and him were friends and I guess we still are, even though i don't live near him anymore. :D


Max looks like you! especially around the eyes!


I love Max's expression--it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Is Book of a Thousand days targeted at young adults or kids? Or is it another of those in-between books. Not that it will stop me...I read books in the children's section all the time. Most of the time, they are more interesting and fun than others. Max and Maggie are adorable (as previously mentioned)!! Good luck with jack.


Max has the cutest, biggest, bluest eyes and Maggie looks like a pudgy little ball of love!


Not Australia? Or anywhere outside your native country? There are those present who would probably appreciate a subequatorial journey. If you wish to gaze so much at your offspring, perhaps you can use them as a model for [spoiler deleted] first child. I'd wager 70 lira [deleted] is at least pregnant by the end of
Bayern V.


and THAT was a wee bit of a spoiler.
I find it very funny that most people have READ PA, but many of them consider GG yoru best work!

the girl who painted trees

I am so glad you are coming to Nashville. I used to live in Vancouver, British Columbia, and would have driven to Seattle to see you. Now I live in Atlanta, so Nashville is the closest city you will be visiting. I will definitely drive the three hours (baby in tow) to see you there!


If we are talking about Shannon's best work here, than I have some input. (Yeah, I know you're thinking "Great, here she goes again...")
So, I read Princess Academy first, and it was magic. Than I accidently read Enna before Goose Girl, so the total surprise for that book was ruined. Enna was amazing to me though. I have to say River Secrets is my favorite, though. If you can make a girl laugh her head off and cry her eyes out all in one book, you are good. Not to mention giving me an extreme craving for Greek food! (Mmmm...olives!)
The best part is the way the books make you feel. When I'm done with them, I want to pick them up all over again and go over my favorite parts.
So, Dante, I think I know what child you are talking about, and I hope you're right. That would make me happy. But it is weird to see (cough, cough) relationships change so fast. Friends, dating, married, PARENTS?! AHH! I don't know, maybe that is just me. Can't wait for Bayern IV, though.


anyone heard amything about movie plans for any of Ms. Hale's books??


Ahhhh..Max and Maggie look so cute together! Marie-I haven't heard anything about any movie plans, but I would totally see them if they were! As long as they followed the book the whole way.


A movie of one of Shannon's books would appear to be awesome, but I am afraid if they did make one it would be terribly different from the book and therefore unawesome and infuriating.


Complete ditto on Liesolotte. Shannon, get in touch with Orson Scott Card for advice on having your movie match your book; it's an issue he's currently dealing with! :)

So.... Texas will be in the fall? I hope to see the updated schedule soon so that I can get it on my calendar and not possibly miss it.

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