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January 31, 2007



Thanks for the recommendations, Shannon!

I just finished reading The Thief yesterday, and I can't wait to get my hands on the other two in the series. Good Stuff!

As for audio books, I've enjoyed books read by Barbara Rosenblat (i.e. the Amelia Peabody series). She is fabulous. I put her right up there with Jim Dale.


Laura, I also love Barbara Rosenblat and Ameila. "Damnation Peabody! Not another of your bloody premonitions!” I’m convinced heaven will be an afterlife of scampering about the Valley of the Kings with the Emersons.

Shannon, I also adored Lynn Redgrave’s reading of Inkheart. I was sad when they chose Brendon Fraiser to do Inkspell. He was allover the place with his accents, although I read that he is Funke favorite actor and will be playing Mo in the movie. However I enjoyed his interpretation very much in Dragon Rider. One brownie sounded like Sean Connery and the other like Chris Rock. . . Sublime. If you haven’t read Inspell as yet I would caution that you wait until the third, and final book is written, as the end is very tragic and the wait is excruciating.


Thank you for this! I have been looking for good audio books while I'm busy with tasks that don't require my mind. Please, post more as you find them!


I loved reading Inkheart and the sequel Inkspell. I have never listened to an audio book. I might have to try it soon......


Those are all excellent books! (Except I haven't read America the Book, so I couldn't say for that one.) Wee Free Men did have me laughing aloud a ton. And I love Inkheart. Peter and the Starcatchers is fun.

But the Attolia books---those are by far my favorites! They are so, so wonderful. The Queen of Attolia is one of my "best" books, ever.


My sister has been reading the Attolia book, but I never got around to it--I've been working on the Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander, because it's been so long since I first read them.
The book I have to recommend right now is The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. It was such a blast to read; hilarious and action-packed.

Faith #2

So, I read a lot of those. my favorites were Inkheart- the last one, inkdeath comes out soon- and Peter and the Starcatchers were very good.I would like to hear them on audio. They must be good, and i hope to get GG on audio soon, too.


This isn't totally on subject, but not totally off, either. Laurie Halse Anderson posted a link to a great article about independent bookstores that I wanted to point out to everybody: http://www.csmonitor.com/2007/0126/p11s02-bogn.html

Shannon's the one who got me started buying from a local bookstore here in Salt Lake City, and I love it. I hope the article is right and that indies are making a comeback.


Ack! This Fall? I want to read Book of a Thousand Days now!

I never noticed the dead author thing in Inkheart. How interesting!

I really liked Peter and the Starcatchers too. I'll have to try the other books you've mentioned.

Faith #2

I think you will enjoy Inkspell even more. it is read by the Hollywood actor Brendan Fraser. Cornelia dedicated the book to him and asked him to read it for the audio book. If you haven't already, read The thief lord and Dragon Rider. When Max is maybe 6 or so he might really like Dragon Rider, it's about a little boy who lives with a dragon and a brownie. i think you will enjoy them. read the rest of the Peter Pan books!


ohhhhh i LOVE inkheart/inkspell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're AWESOME!!

ms. hale you should soooo totally do a princess academy sequel. and it's nice to see an adult who appreciates YA fantasy!


Shannon, if you enjoy audio books you should really find some radio dramas by Focus on the Family. They are amazing - sound effects, excellent British actors/actresses for voices... They have done Little Women, the Secret Garden, the Chronicles of Narnia (all of them), Ben Hur, Silas Marner, Anne of Green Gables, Dietrich Bonhoeffer:The Cost of Freedom, The Hiding Place, Father Gilbert (I think), At Home in Mitford... tons! They are excellent!

Enna Isilee

I LOVE audio books! In the last couple weeks I have listened to Uglies, Pretties, The Book Thief (which made me cry), Goose Girl, Terrier, and a few others.

I just got the sequel to Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter and the Shadowthieves.

I've heard that Turner is good, I'll have to read her books


I'm just about to dig into Inkheart, and after everyone's comments I am even more excited to read it!
I second Jenna about the Focus on the Family radio dramas! They are beyond wonderful; I have like 6 of them!
Another audio book I really like is The Watson's go to Birmingham 1963. The book was great and the person who narrarates it is very animated!

Callie the Strongbad Fan

Thank you for the recommendations. When I took a class in Young Adult Literature, my prof for the class showed some audiotapes that she listens to. The audiotapes to Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke are narrated by Brendan Fraser! My family has had fun listening to the audio of Harry Potter while in the car or eating at the dinner table. That Jim Dale is a great actor. My brothers also liked listening to the audio on their MP3 players. Helpful, huh? :)


Ach! The Wee Free Men be the funniest characters this side of Discworld. Seriously, ya'll. Read Terry Pratchett. It's all gold.

Speaking of funny, I love Jon Stewart. I know some disagree, but I thought he did a great job with the Oscars. (I'm totally stoked for Ellen Degeneres this year. I'm so not the kind of girl who should like awards shows, but I adore them.)

Thanks for reminding me to read Cornelia Funke. Maybe I'll give the audio books a whirl. I've never really gotten into books-on-tape. It's high time I do.


these are a bit different than the ones mentioned before, but my very favorite audio books (i've listened to them over and over..they always make me laugh!) are the georgia nicolson books by louise rennison. (angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging, etc) there are some parts..it doesn't matter that i've read/heard the books six or seven times, they still make me laugh so hard i get tears in my eyes!

other very well-done audio books:

-the series of unfortunate events..read by tim curry! how can one resist tim curry??!

-the keys to the kingdom books by garth nix. alan corduner does an excellent job of reading, i seem to get lost in his voice. and the newest book comes out in march!

-twilight and new moon by stephenie meyer. i love the books, i love the audio books.

-the his dark materials trilogy by philip pullman. i have recently heard many people complain about the last book and how they were hoping for something different...but the audiobooks are performed by a full cast and narrated by philip pullman himself. i fall in love with lyra again every time i listen. i lover her ferocity..and also want to give her a big hug. :)

-elsewhere by gabrielle zevin. when i picked up this audiobook from the library i'd never actually heard of the book, i just liked the cover. i needed something to listen to so i tried it out. the story is heartbreakingly wonderful, and the narrator's voice is perfectly soft and wistful.

i could write a ton more, but i figure i've already taken up enough space. :) can you tell i really like audiobooks??!

on a completely different topic: i'm playing the battlestar galactica (season two) soundtrack (it's all *amazing* instrumentals, i love it!) to my belly right now. the baby is wiggling all around...either he likes it or he's trying to get away! ;)


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Peter and the Starcatchers was another book that spanned the generations. My daughter enjoyed it as did my husband, myself and my father. I think it's a great sign when a book is enjoyed by mutiple generations. Such was the case of Princess Academy also. We'll have the check out some of the other books.


I just started reading Inkheart, I can't wait to finish!


Inkheart is a really good book! so is Inkspell the 3rd book is called Inkdawn! and their making a movie out of Inkspell isn't that shweet? i wish the bayern books were a movie!

Faith #2

I thought it was called Inkdeath. At least that's what i heard last.


I just have been Reading Turner's books and loving them myself. She takes the plot and turns it on its head and I'm not sure how she does it.

I also love the way she keeps information from her readers and lets you discover it for yourself.

Faith #2

Yay! In Cricket magazine I saw in the list of 'favorite first lines' was the first line of GG! i was s excited and I am writing them a letter thanking them. Yay!



I just finished The Wee Free Men and am working on the sequels. They're great. :)


Thanks for the recommendations, Shannon. TGG audio book made me more willing to try out other audio books after not being able to get into them before. Can't wait for more of your books to come out on CD. And the prospect of a tour next fall is exciting!!! :)

Faith #2

will you be in AZ?


Hello, I like your taste in books. The Thief, QoA and KoA are my favourite books ever.

"I hope I get to meet her one day so I can gush."

There is a dedicated Livejournal community for Megan's books at: http://community.livejournal.com/sounis/ A few of us have had the chance to meet Megan herself. I've found from emailing her she is a lovely real person, not just an awe-inspiring deity. She used to pop in now and again to giggle at our speculations and call us reprobates.

Stop by and have a look!

I think she has taken her email address off her website. I'll have a look for you.



It is "Crivens!", not "Krivens!" with a C, not a K. Need to read the books too. Wee Free Men is great. I wish I had WINTERSMITH, the latest one. Sadly, I do not, due to lack of funds and nonexistence at the library.


After using a gift card to get King of Attolia, I broke down and bought the preceding two. Turner is quite the plotter, isn't she? I'm reading The Thief aloud with my nine-year-old. Curling up with a book and my kid is one of my favorite mom things to do.

And yes--the honor books are definitely the ones to watch--The Thief, Princess Academy, House of the Scorpion (Nancy Farmer), Rules...good stuff.

Marcus Aurelius

Sissy Spacek reading "To Kill a Mockingbird".

That, and Douglas Adams reading his own "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish". My favorite love story in all the world.

I love having people read to me while I'm drawing or painting. If I were rich I know I'd pretty much own every single book on CD out there. As it is, I just wind up listening to my "Buffy" DVD collection.

Enna Isilee

Shannon a quick question,

I was just wondering, is the Austenland Party (or whatever it is) at the Kings English, open to the public? Do we have to pay to go? Will you be there? Is this just a rumor? I'm so confused!

Faith #2

and will it be in Utah? If you are ever going to AZ say so and I'll be there!


I've read a lot of the books mentioned, but I haven't listened to the audio-books. I honestly never thought too because I'd already read them. But I've listened to audio-books in the past and enjoyed them so I think I might listen to some of those. I listened to A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libbra Bray on audio and it was really great. I don't remember who the girl was that read it but I remember thinking she was fantastic. I really love Megan Whalen Turner's books-they are truly awesome. I thought it was amazing that The Thief could be in first person and still keep so many secrets from the reader until the end! They were great books.


I've read a lot of the books mentioned, but I haven't listened to the audio-books. I honestly never thought too because I'd already read them. But I've listened to audio-books in the past and enjoyed them so I think I might listen to some of those. I listened to A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libbra Bray on audio and it was really great. I don't remember who the girl was that read it but I remember thinking she was fantastic. I really love Megan Whalen Turner's books-they are truly awesome. I thought it was amazing that The Thief could be in first person and still keep so many secrets from the reader until the end! They were great books.


It's really funny you posted this, because I am actually listening to my first ever audio tape... Romeo and Juliet. It's at school, of course, but still an audio tape. I simply love it!!!!! :o) I am so dorky I know, but I seriously do like it. I have found myself laughing out loud in spots, and the class looking at me like I am crazy. It's funny though, and Benvolio is so cute!!!


I love listening to books on audio tapes too! We just go finished listening to The Land on audio tape at school. I can't wait to listen to your books on tape! I wondering what Book of a Thousand Days was going to be about?


With my unpleasantly accurate research skills, I have now calculated Shannon's age to be 33. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Woe unto Time that passes on winged feet!

shannon hale

Yes, the austenland release party at the King's English will be open to the public and only costs $50/person. (kidding, it's free of course). TKE rocks! They're my hometown bookstore.

And I must agree about Benvolio. I had a crush on him, too. I was in the play of R&J once, and he was by far the cutest actor. Romeo was creepy and propositioned me ickily (yes, it is an adverb--it is now, anyway).


I am so excited about BOOK OF A THOUSAND DAYS! Is the audio book to goose girl out yet? I want to get it. Where can I buy it when it is?


I want to read INKHEART. Saw it at Book-a-Million, but I didn't know what it was. Will have to get it.


Of course you will have to get INKHEART. One of the best books ever. What is Book-a-Million?

Benvolio-Humph. I like him okay, although I like him because he is impartial and does not kill Capulets. Still, I know people who think that Severus Snape is handsome, but does that make him a worthwhile character? Or Willoughby, from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY?-he's a hunk, but he is also a rotten jerk.

Faith #2

i agree. Really- Willoughby?

i hope you make it to AZ before I move to Nantucket, as i plan to.


Anon--Books-a-Million is kind of like a Barnes and Noble. A lot of books, and a very good selection. I get almost all my books there. (It has Shannon's books--hooray!) To me and my friends, Books-a-Million is the best store in the world. No, really.


I have never heard of Books-a-Million, but I love bookstores too. Inkheart is a fantastic book! So is it's sequel Inkspell. The third book is called Inkdawn. Faith #2-It was going to be called Inkdeath, but they changed it because it didn't fit in with the plot anymore.

Enna Isilee

oh no! is the release party on the release date? i'm assuming that it is. but i'll be gone then!

oh what a world!


Does anybody know how to get rid of stys? I have one right now and it hurts so bad!


Hmmm.. I have heard of those books, but I have yet to read them... maybe I will now (^^).

I can't wait for Book of a Thousand Days! -Good luck with your mom and the kids! (It sounds like an adventure!)


Leanna-Dr. Anon says that you should go to an opthamologist and ask them to either lance it (stick a big, scary needle in it and puncture it) if it is filled with pus and won't pop by itself. If it does not have pus, still go to a doctor and ask if you can have a topical cream medicine, which you put on your eyelid 2 times a day or so. If your eyelid is infected, you might get antibiotics.

Author unknown,"Sty".Mayo Clinic,
April 7, 2006. Accessed 2-5-07

Enna Isilee


Anyway I went to B&N to get "The Thief" and they didn't have it! They had "The Queen of Attolia" and "The King of Attolia" but not "The Thief!"


I also wanted to get "River Secrets" for my aunt (who still hasn't read it gah!) And they did have it either!

I thought Barnes and Noble was the biggest book store!

Once again Argh!

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