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December 01, 2006



OCTAVIAN is an excellent book. It is a historical fiction novel based on experiments done in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries on people of color in the Americas to test cognitive function and adaptabilty to judge whether they were really human. The title character is one such black boy. Excellent novel, although sometimes rather gruesome.Not really for the kiddies.

Lauren A.

Yah, I'm so happy. Razo (and you, of course) sooo deserve awards! I loves River Secrets. And maybe Razo will weasil (sp?) his way into a larger part in book no. 4, just like Enna did in The Goose Girl. :)


Yay for Razo! And Shannon. Congratz!!! I just cant wait untill the 4th Bayern book. Yay!!


Sorry for double posting but:
I just wanted to say that I now own River Secrets and cant wait to read it. Sadly i still have 2 books that i have to read first. Reall only 1 and a half. Oh and I added more stuff to my site. Click my name!


The past few weeks have been stress, deadlines, and frustration, intermixed with bad news. I needed a safe, comfortable, happy place to retreat in my few spare moments, so I decided to re-read River Secrets.

I echo Linda Sue Park: "A book about Razo, hurrah!"


yay Shannon!
what a shame about razo's small part. oh well.
who are your three fav characters? is ani one of them? and enna? i can't wait!


There are too many books to read in the world, and my library has none of them.


Wow Shannon! Congratulations! Someday you can look back and tell your great-grand-kids that you (almost) won the national Book award! And that your books won the heart of a ten-year-old girl by the name of faith who (almost) finished a whole three chapters of a book! I have to say River Secrets is my Favorite book. Razo is so cool! I wish I knew him. He could get me the pie or shish kabob I so strongly desire. Rin sounds cool so far. How old is she in the book? Again, congrats!


I've been wanting to read OCTAVIAN for a while now.

Hurray for Razo! :-)

Enna Isilee

First I have to bew a llitle off topic, but the last question on little red was "what shoes was Shannon wearing when she accepted the Newbery Honor?"

I just think it is soooo cool that you would SPRINT up to recieve the award in BAREFEET! You are officially the coolest author ever!

And Hooray for Razo! I feel so Happy!

Enna Isilee

I meant be not bew


Yuck. Bare feet? You don't know what is in the dirt. Or broken glass. Or splinters. Or Athelete's Foot spores, waiting to grow between your toes. There are many unpleasant things in the ground. Don't forget to wear sensible shoes. Especially in places where sanitation is not the best, such as rural areas, in both the developed world and the Third World.

Jaya Lakshmi

Holy wowsome hearts! First a Newberry Honor and a candidate for the National Book Award. You're doing a great job, Shannon! If only I could hear back from All About Kids what they think of my story. Your two children will have a lot to be proud of even if they don't like fantasy.

Interesting fact: Stephen King's daughter Naomi didn't really like his horror novels, so he wrote a fantasy novel especially for her. I'm going to do the same thing for my little brother once I finish the stories I'm working on.


Barefoot? Way 2 go Shannon. lol. Again i just have 2 say that i agree with everyone when they say that Razo rocks! And Shannon rocks. Shannon is the coolest auther ever, and in my opion her books are near the top on my "top 14 books" list. Hehe. Oh and to all please visit my site. I updated it 2day. I hope you all like it!

Once again...Go Shannon!!!!!


WOW!!! That is completely cool that you and Razo were honored! You are a totally talented author, and he's a great character! You've had wonderful success(sp?),which you SO deserve. CONGRATS!!!

Did anyone else in the US have a snow day on friday? I did! What a way to start December!


*sigh* i haven't read river secrets yet. it has been a test of willpower, i'll tell you that!! see, my husband and i (and the baby in my tummy!!) are moving to germany (he's army) next month, so for several months now i've been buying books and saving them up for "when we move." right now i'm reading library books like a crazy woman while i have a great library nearby, and i'm saving all the best books for when we get to germany, before our "house" arrives (all our stuff is literally being "shipped"...on a ship. lol anyway, it'll be a long wait once we get there, so i'm carrying the books with me. i tell you what, it's been so so so hard to not read them!!!

all that to say...it's awesome to know river secrets and razo are getting attention. i can hardly wait to read it myself!!


Oh! Yay Razo! I hope he wins the award!
I can't wait to read Bayern #4!


Congrats to you and Razo! ^^
Keep typin away at #4!
Go Shannon Go!!!! wooooO!


I was sad to hear Razo wouldn't have a big part in #4, but I was thrilled to hear about the national book award!


Shannon!!!!!!! Guess what? My dad might get River Secrets for my cousin Grace! She loves all of your books and wants rs sooo bad! And Dad is looking up Rapunzel's revenge now to see if we can pre-order it. But having read Jane Austin's SENSE AND SENSIBILITY I don't think Austinland is quite down to my level. But Diary of a lady's maid, or whatever it's called, sounds SO cool! I want!


I was looking through the newspaper a few days ago, and GUESS WHAT?! I saw RIVER SECRETS on the list of 100 best books!!!!!!!! It was so awesome, I was practically screaming!

On a related note, my mom is going to pick up River Secrets from the library for me right now! Yayness!


I'm glad that River Secrets is getting noticed. It's my new favorite of your books.

Jaya Lakshmi

I finally remembered a question I had for Shannon! At the end of the Goose Girl Ani wanted to see another newborn foal and hear its name. Did she ever do it in River Secrets? If not, will she do it in another book?


I finally got RS. It is absolutely one of the most amazing books I've ever read! I loved it!

Now, concerning Book #4 -

Please please tell me Ani (my favorite) is one your three favorite characters, because she's become such a minor one.


I loved River Secrets, Shannon!!!!!!!! It was so amazing!!! I stayed up late last night so I could finish it, and the lack of sleep is definitely worth it! Razo is such a great character!!!


Jaya, Ani was at Avlado's birth in Enna burning and he helped in the end. But I won't say how for those others who have not read EB or are planning to. And yes, Katee, I agree, I want to hear more about Ani. We hardly hear about her in RS or EB.

Enna Isilee

Oh my gosh! Shannon! I just found this picture!


You met her! My two favorite authors in the same photo! (you're my most favorite of course) That is SOOOOOOO cool!


Shannon, would you mind putting your address (as in letter, not email) somewhere on squeetus? because i have a letter that I've written to you, but i don't know where to send it! C:


Is that a good idea? Because then all of her fans from utah would be flocking to your house in hoards. You decide. But I actually wouldn't mind if all my fans came to see me. You might email shannon and ask. Of course I'll probably write her a letter coz I have a question for her I've long wanted to ask her, but here isn't the place for it. My question would take a lot of words to answer.


No, do not post your snail mail address. People will be able to send you unpleasant things, as well as people flocking to your house. I, the freak, might even take a look. Why do so anyway? I could walk up to your doorway and ring the bell anyway. I have only to look up "Shannon Hale" in the Salt Lake City phonebook. Nothing easier.


You refer to a dangerously high to-read pile, which makes me laugh. I thought that I was the only one who did that. My night stand gets stacked with all the books that I want to read and because, I too, am a slow reader, it gets a little precarious, at times. Thanks for the laugh!


Yay! I loved all the Bayern books, and am very excited to hear there's a new one coming! I have read The Goose Girl four times since I got it out of my school's library in September. I think the library assistants are starting to give me funny looks!
I really liked River Secrets and it definitely deserved to (almost) win.

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