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September 03, 2006



Congratulations on the house working out-location is so important. A good friend told me you can always change things in and around the house but you can't change the neighborhood. Congrats on the books news also.

Lauren A.

Wow. Happiness is good. Really good. Taking walks around the neighborhood is a good thing to do. And, Enna Burning does rock my world. I'm sure River Secrets will too. (I'm buying it on Wednesday of this week, cause that's when my local independent bookstore is getting it in.) Also, I'm sure that these 50 pages of a new adult book are fabulous, or at least when the first draft is finished, you will mold and shape it until you feel it is complete (nad fabulous.) I look forward to hearing about its progress.


mmm peaches and corn. you're amazing, all this writing. and it's GOOD! really good. All these books coming out and I go into the MTC in 17 days. Almost worth staying home for. haha ;) I'm glad things at least sound calmer at home. Have a lovely week riding that wave!


Whoa! River Secrets. I've been telling myself that it will come out eventually and that I just need to be patient.
Time flies!
Now, I realize that September 5th is in a couple of days.


Congrats on all those stars! That's wonderful, and I can't wait to say how truly deserved they are (I'll have to wait until my copy arrives and I get to read it. ;) )

I just had a peach off a neighbor's tree. The skin was almost black and the meat was pure white. I am in heaven.


whoa, river secrets! even highly anticipated dates can apparently sneak up on you. can't WAIT! hopefully my local indie bookstore will have it in on the fifth...keep being happy!


Mmmmm...peaches and corn. When you come to Michigan, we'll be in apple season. :)


Oooooh man! I LOOOOOOVE peaches! Congrats on the happiness! Good stuff...

emilyf- where are you going on your mission? My brother goes into the MTC on Wednesday! He is going to Argentina!


River Secrets comes out tomorrow! Yea! That is a great list, I love fresh corn! We had some the other night for dinner... except with braces, it's not as fun to eat off the cob. :o(
I wish I could write 50 pages in a week! And just to get this straight, Enna Burning was my favorite out of al your books... it rocked my world for sure!


I can't wait for River Secrets! Although I just found out that I have to wait till my birthday (September 9th) to read it. Oh well. Congrats on all the stars!


Just pre-ordered River Secrets! Now I'll wait by our mail box, and when the mail man comes jump on his back telling him to make the mail come faster!


I know exactly what you mean about the braces, Mads...
And I have to wait untill my birthday(Sep. 15) too(hmph)-so disapointing. Congrats on the stars and new house site!


Congrats on the corn and peaches and house and River Secrets. I definently can't believe it'll be on sale tomorrow! I've been counting down the days...


emilyf and courtney!!! one of my best guy friends just got over a really freaky illness with his pancreas and he can send in his papers any day now to be called on a mission!!! yayness for that and river secrets!!!
oh and my friend ryan goes to the MTC on september 17 too!!!! his name is Elder Ryan Hansen!!!!


OMG!! I can't wait till the book comes out. I'm planning to buy it after school at borders!! Yay!

Peaches? I love them 2, not to mention lots of other fruits!

Good luck with your story..I'm writing one right now too!


well, I'm going to Toulouse France. we'll pretend Shannon wanted to know too so that this isn't all about me. ;)


I love taking walks, I love peaches, I love corn, I love ENNA BURNING, and I am certain I will love RIVER SECRETS. Congrats on getting the great reviews! And starting a new book! *Huzzah* :-)


I always wanted to live in a place like that. I live in Florida and 24/7 tourists get so annoying around this time of year. I hate living in a palm tree paradise. Well you enjoy the pine trees!

P.S. I'm SO happy River Secrets is out! I've been waiting forever for it!


I am so exited for river secrets to come out! I love peaches too but get this my town every year celebrates Peaches its called PEACH DAYS!! its this weekend coming up! (8-9)(:


Yay! River Secrets! I can't believe I will be able to read it TOMORROW! YAY!!!


Reading River Secrets tomorrow would be so cool! Well, at least I can read the Amazon reviews...


emilyf- France?! That is way cool! I LOVE Europe! Good luck!! (:

Jaya Lakshmi

I prefer corn roasted on a stove and then slathered in butter and salt, but that's just me. All this talking about peaches reminds me of James and the Giant Peach and Holes, which talks about spiced peaches.


Did anyone hear that Steve Irwin the Croc Hunter died a few days ago? That's so sad! I really liked him, and I feel bad for his family.




I heard he was killed by a sting ray- it got his heart or something


Hi everyone! I'm new here. Anyways, congratulations on your good move Shannon!

And I hope River Secrets rocks, even though I know it will. I have to wait til this weekend to buy it! The torture!


cryin over steve irwin. welcoming holly.

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