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September 05, 2006



Shannon, I feel deeply honored that you would share your secret. Now if only i could read River Secrets... We called FIVE bookstores today and NONE of them had River Secrets available today! How rude! I can't wait to read it!!!

Lauren A.

Yeah... secrets... hmm. But, if I tell, it won't be a secret! That's okay. I'm willing to let this one go:
I am in love with Geric. Seriously, if he weren't fictitious, I'd marry him.


I couldn't find River Secrets anywhere either! Eventually I ran out of places to check. Now I'm sad and gloomy and defeated. It feels as if my birthday had been cancelled or something. I have been looking forward to this for soooooo long!!! Aarrrgh! Will they for sure have some at the King's English on Saturday? I'd like to know if I can set my heart on it.
Now as for my secret... I actually *like* foods that most people hate. Sometimes I crave tofu like if it were chocolate. I think lima beans, brocooli, spinach, and beets are all fabulous and I *love* lentils anytime, anyplace. I even enjoy liver. What's wrong with me?

Jaya Lakshmi

My harmless secret is that I'm an anime fan. My favorite anime is Bobobo-Bobobo (so hilarious) and I think that One Piece is brilliant. I also write reviews for manga on www.thecomicbookguy.com and am a columnist on Yugioh Uncensored.


My horrible secret...

is that I have made no attempt to find River Secrets!

Aah! The shame!

I don't like bookstores, they're expensive, and my library hasn't got it. It won't be long though, I'm going to give in to my frugal side and buy it.


A terrible terrible secret has just been unearthed!

Did you know that there are people out there that don't know that "The Goose Girl" has a companion?!?!?

Yes, there is. I met two people yesterday that (seperatly I met them at different times.) made a comment about "The Goose Girl" as I was carrying it around. I told them, "Yeah the third Bayern book comes out today"

Then they would give me a blank look as they went back trying to remember what "Bayern" meant, and when they found out they would say,

"Oh! There's more?"

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to pick them off and carry them to the bookstore, shove Enna (which comes out in paperback very soon) into there hands and say

"READ! NOW!" Because I don't know how they stood it! Not knowing what happens to Isi!

P.S. My river secrets didn't come yesterday! It was supposed to come by mail! Dumb UPS!


hmmm....my "horrible" secret, that most likely isn't so secret because all my friends mercilessly tease me, is that I am in. love. with. DISNEY. Basically everything about it. The movies (though not 99.9% of the sequels), the music, even the THEME PARK MUSIC (yes I am aware of how rediciulous I am- but the new fireworks show is SO. good.)

Marcus Aurelius

I was a contestant on Average Joe: Hawaii.

I think I only showed up on one ep., though. Odd thing was, most folks weren't able to TIVO it.

Oh, and I also tend to "verb" words.

Polite society has no place for me.


I haven't been to the gym (or really exercised at all )in a month. haha. Well, i've been...busy.


My secret: When I was in high school, I played the role of the lanky, bearded fiddler in our school's production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Why have I kept this a secret?
1. I am a girl.
2. I don't play the fiddle (I was bow-synching).
3. During one performance, I fell off the roof.

So, why was I cast for this role (for which I DID NOT audition, I might add)?
1. Not enough boys, and as a tall, flat-chested sophomore I could pass in this non-speaking role with the help of an itchy camel hair mustache and beard.
2. No one else could play the fiddle either.
3. They had no idea how clumsy I was, er, am.

And so why am I telling my secret now?
1. What would I NOT do for Shannon?
2. And besides, I'm so over it.
3. Really. Completely over it.


I'm way excited to read River Secrets, but as a poor college student, I have to wait for the library to get it in. I'm sure it's worth the wait!
My secret may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me for some reason. I am a huge Star Wars fanatic. As in read all of the books and watched the movies who knows how many times. I don't even think my family knows just how much I adore it. Whew! Glad to get that off of my chest.


Here's my secret: I get cravings for food late at night so I often sneak out of my room and make bowls of cereal, ice cream cones or even hamburger helper at one in the morning.

I happened to be working in the receiving area of the bookstore yesterday when River Secrets was supposed to come in. Every single box was a little bit like Christmas. It was probably the 80th box that I unpacked that finally had 12 beautiful copies. And I totally squealed. :)


A great second issue of The Squeeter Pig. It's making me all the more eager to read River Secrets, which, unfortunately, I cannot do until I (a) beg a ride from the family member with the car or (b) hotwire said car and drive over myself. I'll have to go with (a), I think, because I don't know how to drive. How depressing - (b) would be so much more efficient...


I'm almost afraid to admit this because it is a) scandalous and 2) pathetic, but that's okay.
My secret? I actually have (so far) really enjoyed the readings and lectures in my mass media law class. We talk about the Supreme Court and the first amendment and I actually lose track of time I'm so interested. And I'm about a chapter ahead in the reading, in spite of the fact that every five minutes I have to grab a roommate to tell them the thing I just learned. For instance, did ya'll know that some states have had to make laws about "stealing" free newspapers because people would go around and grab up every copy of, say, a free college newspaper, because they didn't like what the paper said? Ridiculous. Fascinating.
I like learning. I'm so ashamed.


Hm, my secret...
should I tell? I guess so. Everyone else did, so I can too.
Here goes.
Any minute now.
For real this time.
I love ladybugs!!!!!!!
My room is covered in them, I always have something ladybug on me. Even it's not visible, I do. (yes, that's right, ladybug underwear.)
I am obsessed.
And as long as Lauren brought it up, and I am on a role here, Peter from Peter and the Star-catchers was my first boyfriend. It's true. And now I have moved on, and Peder from Princess Academy is my love. He is so great. Seriously, you should see my notebook, with Mrs. Peder Doterson written all over it. It must be a thing about those Peters. But as Lauren said about Geric, if Peder was real, I would totally marry him.


My biggest secret is (not a secret anymore) but I put a piece of wedding cake under my pillow and did not dream of the boy next door or Heath Ledger (as any normal girl would do) but of Frederic Chopin...my favorite (and long dead) composer.


Mass media law!? Traitor! I'm here to attest...it really was a secret.
But I guess I loved Physics. Still do. It's not that big a secret. But here's one: When I was seven years old, and my friends (who were born on the same day) were having a joint 8th birthday party...I not only spilled grape juice on my white dress, I helped blow out the candles and everyone was mad at me (but the lady had said, "On the count of three, we'll ALL blow out the candles together." ...and I'm still embarrassed about it. And I don't get embarrassed easily.
I suppose that another secret is this: I almost always take things people say as literal truth. So when she said, "ALL," I thought she meant all of us.


Oh, and I'm really glad to hear I wasn't the only one who had trouble finding a copy of River Secrets. I was feeling so down yesterday when I couldn't get my paws on it. Afterall, misery delighteth in company.

Laura Rebecca

My secret? I forgot that River Secrets was coming out this week until I was in B&N today and saw it on the shelf. At which point, of course, I promptly swept it up and bought it.


Laura....you're so funny!


Yes, EmilyF, but looks aren't everything.


Alauna reminded me of a secret only my husband knows: I am super gullible. Okay, maybe other people who know me have figured it out too, but Dave uses my secret against me by telling whoppers that I swallow whole for at least a minute before saying, "Wait a minute! Are you pulling my leg?" Since I never tell lies (I'm bad at it, so lying would never get me anywhere), I fall for them all the time.

On the other hand, if I write fiction, I guess I am a liar in some respects . . .


K, are you ready? Here is a secret I haven't told yet. In classes like English, we sometimes read Edgar Allen Poe. When we do this, over 3/4 of the class has no idea what they just read and are in la-la land. So...when my teacher asks about what we read, no one answers, even me(although I understand it perfectly). It's because I don't want to be thought of as some bragging goody-goody.
SO I just keep my mouth shut. My other secret is that I've never been on a plane, and my family drives ALL over the US in our 12 seater van(there's 9 kids). Yeah. Talk about insane, I mean driving through the night, only stopping for potty breaks and gas,
etc. More secrets to tell, but I need to sleep. :D

Jaya Lakshmi

Does Dean have a secret that he wants to share? (Dean is Shannon's husband for those who don't know.)
Wow. I've known how interesting people are, but I'm still amazed at all these different secrets. Laura, it's all right if you forgot. I don't think I'll even buy a copy of River Secrets for a while because I don't have the time to.


when does RS come in the UK???
Mads, i agree, i LOVE peder! and i never thought i'd go for a blonde (u know, tall, dark etc.)
anyway, my secret is that i'm an absolute sucker for SHOES!
(wait, thats not exactly a secret, and its quite common in teenage girls anyway but never mind.)


Ooo... Shoes! I love shoes!


Ok, here's another secret.

I love the TV show, Thomas and Friends! That show is seriously cool. I love Sir Topham Hat. And Edward. Especially Edward. He's sweet.

The Husband

As to MY secrets, I shall keep all three of them. There are some things people are better off not knowing.

Here's something about Shannon, though: she was born with a vestigial tail that was torn loose in a sledding accident, and she keeps it in a jar of formaldehyde in our kitchen.
I KNOW. Creepy.


I just got river secrets! yea!!!!!


My secret:
I am in love with mutiple fictitious characters:
1)Edward Cullen from the book Twilight * drools *
3)Aric (character in book I'm attempting to write)
4)Thomas, "The Mysterious Marquis," from Sorcery and Cecelia
5) Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice
6) and my best friend's older brother (who is, in fact, real, but might as well be fictitious for all his obvious unattainability)

Woa. I'm weird. And somewhat depressed because none of my love interests are available or single, really...

My book store didn't have it last time I checked. Grrr. Must go to store again...


I've finished River Secrets but my secret is that I'm not going to tell any of you what happens! Its too good to be spoiled! Anyways. My real secret is that I have dreams that I steal Finn away from Enna! lol!


A vestigial tail? Cool! Shannon, I'm so jealous.
All I've got are webbed toes.

Oh, and the dorsal fin.
But it's tiny.


Jordan - I am totally "in love" with Thomas (Sorcery and Cecilia) too!! :)


A vestigial tail that got ripped off!?!?!?
Didn't that hurt?!?!?!
You seriously keep it in a jar?!?!?!
Do you know how sick that is?!?!?!
(Don't worry I won't hold it against you)


My deepest, darkest secret is that I am a Hannah Montana freak. I'm such a dork but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show...almost as much as I love The Goose Girl! It helps that Mitchel Musso (Oliver) is so cute, but...

Jordan: That's my other secret! Edward Cullen rocks! But Finn's much cuter than Geric...*sigh*

Final secret, though not such a secret: My favorite song is "Dirty Little Secret" by AAR. Seems fitting.

Oh and hi everyone! I'm new to these blogs even though I've been a "shannon fan" for awhile now. So hi!


My secret: today is my 17th birthday! OK, that's not much of a secret, so...I'm a huge Josh Groban fan.


My secrets... I have a horrible time thinking of something creative for get-to-know-you-tell-us-something-about-yourself circles, but...
I am related as a cousin through my grandmother to Jesse James the outlaw.
I have squirted Sprite and milk through my nose, and almost Jello, proving that talking about the dean calling someone trigger happy and eating do not work simultaneously.
I sleepwalk.
And talk in my sleep. "Geric, oh Geric!" Just kidding about that last part. I cannot truthfully use being in love with one of Shannon's characters as a secret, if you define "in love" with "the number of hours they occupy my thoughts in a day." If that were not the definition...well...
Oh, and very funny, Dean. Can we see a picture?


Welcome Holly! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who falls madly in love with ficitonal characters. My current loves include Raoden from "Elantris" and Jim from "The Office."


Gretchen: Thanks! I was so excited to find a place where I can talk about The Goose Girl without my friends looking at me like I'm insane. An example...

Me: I love Finn!
My friends: Who the heck is Finn? What a weird name!


Another huge secret is I am in love with my best guy friend. (Which is why I get flutters in my heart whenever I read the part in Shannon's author conversation where she says how the best romantic relationships start out as friendships.) Haha to me.


I also love Geric, Raoden, Finn, Peder, and Mr. Darcy. Wow Holly you play Neopets? I do too. I haven't told anyone outside my family though. :P What's your username?


My secret is that when I fast forward through commercials with my Tivo, I have to hold my breath until I get back to the show I'm watching. I have no idea why.


Brandi: Yup. Who doesn't? (No one talks about it, but we all do!)



Oh. I'm Enchanted_Cheesecake

Don't ask. Kind of like the Squeeter Pig, but more cheesecakeier.


Pretty much, I'm thinking we all need to start support groups for people who are in love with fictional characters. Although I'm pretty sure that Alauna and I take the cake as far as being ridiculous about it - we have something we call "The List," which basically is how we keep track of the many not-real people we think are fantastically amazing. It's quite an educated and well-read list, including boys from many different genres (I'm pretty sure the latest we added was Charles Darnay from "A Tale of Two Cities" and you don't get much smarter than liking Dickens), but it means that we have conversations like "Do you think x is listable?" I mean, let's get honest, listable isn't even a word. And if that's not an embarrassing secret, I don't know what is.


Nikki,I am so like that, too! I never want to answer because then I feel like a nerd. We read a shakespeare sonnet in my speech class, and I was enjoying it so much. When I looked around to see other faces filled with glee, everyone looked confused!! Wow! I immedeatly put on my confused face and hoped no one noticed.

My secret... I write. Novels, Poems, Short Stories; but I feel like an idiot sharing them with anyone! I guess its okay. Now you know!
Another secret-I love metaphors, but no one else my age seems to, so I pretend to be dumb. How stupid is that!

Oh, and for you that had problems, I am very sorry. I got mine on the first, and finished it that night. Woops! Sorry guys!


~My pet peeve is when people don't spell words correctly. I make my friends mad all the time by correcting them!
~As for an embarassing one...*blushes*...I still sleep with a stuffed animal at night.

There...got that out. *breathes heavily*



I'm in Utah and none of my bookstores have River Secrets! It's infuriating. Where are you guys getting them?

I'll join the ranks of Edward Cullen lovers. Mmm....and after reading New Moon, I have to add Jacob Black to the list. I'm such a sucker for a literary love triangle. I think that translates to some sort of masochism. I'm not sure.

My secret: I own several multiple sets of favorite book series. I can't resist a pretty new edition of a beloved book. It must be mine. And it usually is. ;-)


I'm more of a Sydney Carton gal myself. I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't read ATOTC, but it gets to me every time.;-)

As for my secret, I am fascinated with strangers. Whenever someone catches my eye, I automatically assume so many things about him or her. I decided that the person is German or a teacher or an orphan or lonely and broken-hearted. Then, I can't get the person out of my mind for a long time after that. Is that creepy?


I, too, love Sydney Carton. He was my first bad boy crush.



I got home and sitting on my porch was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

A brown Amazon box!

I opened it and staring back at me was the most gorgeous, golden, masterpeice of a novel!

Sorry y'all but my copy of River Secrets is totally the best.

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