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August 29, 2006


Marcus Aurelius

Uh-oh. Those 5000 words don't consist entirely of the phrase: "All work and no play make Shannon a dull girl", do they?

I know you've been a little stressed lately.

SO much congratulations on the gender news! I'm so glad I waited to steal your SECOND baby. Girls are so much easier to raise.


Good golly! Are you okay? Do you need something? Cookies? Just email or call me, babe, I'm what . . . three blocks away?


Yay! A girl! :)


Comgrats on it being a girl!!!


Hooray! Baby girls are awesome!

What are you thinking of naming her? Is it possible that you'll choose a name from one of your books?


I've never exactly met you, or live near you for that matter, but I would send the same thing as Jessica. If I could that is. You sound stressed, and, as my mom says, "Yoga Breath!!!!"
Congrats on the girl news. Ever think of the name Madeline as a possiblity?

Lauren A.

Awww! It's a girl! That's exciting. 5,000 words in only 24 hours is really awesome. Sorry about the house troubles though. Moving can be so stressful. Hope everything works out for you.


Sorry about all the problems with your house!! I hate it when those things happen! But congrats on the baby girl!! You must be so excited! I wonder if she'll become a fantastic writer just like you!


Congratulations on the news! I'm so excited that it's going to be a little girl.

I truly hope your house problems clear up. Also, congratulations on the amount of work you got done with all of that chaos going on around you. Holy cow!


ooooo a girl.....ive always liked the name Kate ;)

5,000 words! awesome job!

hope everything gets better soon :D

Anne Marie

I had a gut feeling it was going to be a girl. Max will have someone to play with in about a year's time. Congratulations! Have fun, and tell us what you're going to name her.


Yay! I was hoping you'd have a girl. I hope your house troubles clear up.


Congratulations on the girl. I have no doubt that her first word will be something like "literature", and she will probably astound her preschool teachers by knowing the exact geography of several fictional countries. In short, she will take after her mother!

Jaya Lakshmi

It's funny. My violin teacher just had a baby girl and her first child was a boy. What a coincidence!
You shouldn't name your baby something from your books much like A.A. Milne shouldn't have named the boy in Winnie the Pooh after his son, but don't make it a typical name like Jessica unless it holds a deep significance to you. Or make up a name just by switching letters around. The name
Jane can became Naej if you do that. Or play around. I've always liked the name Valentine because it reminds me of Ender's Game. There's also a name I made up, Augliani, which can be shortened to "Aug"!.
Okay. Maybe I'm going too far. I'll stop.


5,000 words in 24 hours? I'm officially in awe.

It's a girl! Hurray!! Excitement city. :)


Hurray! I am so excited/happy for you! Girls are so much fun. I even have my first girl's name picked out. :) I know, I am such a nerd. But that's okay.
Oh yeah, another coincidence with Jaya Lakshmi - my French Horn teacher had a boy first and then she had a baby girl just a little while ago. It must be some kind of new trend. Fun times!
Sorry about the house, Shannon. No fun.


My next-door neighbor had a boy named Jason, and just went to the hospital to have another baby, which is going to be a girl! So, she having the baby right now... weird when you think about it! But anyway, I think she is a teacher, but for now a stay-at-home mom.


Hey, even though the house isn't working out perfectly, at least you have a brand-new baby girl to look forward to! Congrats to your whole family. Is Max excited for a sister? I was so peeved when I found out I was getting a brother instead of a little sister--I wanted to know if we could send him back to Heaven and get a girl. Sometimes I still think that, but for the most part I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

Stacy Whitman

Have you ever seen Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House? Kind of an early version of The Money Pit. Whenever I hear of house troubles, that's what comes to mind for me. Here's hoping that your house troubles never go that far.


Woo and Hoo! A girl!!! I've been thinking (a dangerous passtime) at first it seems like a great idea to name your kids after the characters in your book. However don't you think that that would be alitle wierd? Thier whole life they would be living in the shadow of a character. But that's just my opinion.

Sorry about the house. Hope it all works out. (Did that sound uncaring?)


When you say "5000 words in a NEW BOOK" does that mean your new Bayern book, or a different new book?!


That's great that it's a girl, Shannon!
I have a question. When are you going to post times and stuff on your events page? Just wondering.


Here is question for everyone (well everyone that is still in school anyway): When do you start school?


Enna, was "I've been thinking (a dangerous pastime)" a reference to "Gaston" from "Beauty and the Beast?" If not, I've been watching WAY too many Disney movies. And Mads, I started on August 30th.

Megan Elbow

Julie - That's what I thought too when Enna Isilee said that. That happens to be my favorite Disney movie. And Mads - I started August 23rd. August 22nd if you count the three hours I went to the high school on Sophomore Day. Yahoo. (All you lucky ducks who start in September, I envy you. Except that I DO get out May 31st this year, so I guess that's good . . .)


Huzzah for the baby girl! *Does happy dance*


yay yay yaya!!! love baby girls. probably becuase i am a girl though huh?? the would generally be the rule. when my mom was having her seventh child me and my sister wanted a girl but my four brothers wanted a boy haha!!! but we got a girl...

i just called my local bookstore and they have River Secrets arriving in a few days!!!!! ahhhhhh i can barely contain my excitement!!!!


P.S. i LOVE disney movies and i am in love with beauty and the beast the movie and the musical!!!!!


omigosh...how do you live without the A/C?? i can barely survive when ours is out. congratulations on the girl...or rather the gender! i hope my mom got River Secrets for my b-day! i bet it'll be another great one to add to my growing collection.


Just ordered "River Secrets"!

If my comment was a reference to a disney movie I didn't mean it to be. I did it subconciously (can't spell!)

Jen Robinson

Hi Shannon,

I love your blog. Good luck getting settled in to your new place.

I also wanted to let you know that I linked to you today, in honor of BlogDay 2006. You can find more details on my site if you're interested.

Jas fr Aus

Well Mads, just to be special, I'm still at school and my holidays start in 3 weeks. See it works all different here Down Under. After our 2 week september hols we have an 8 week term, then 8 weeks summer hols in dec-jan. Except I miss some of summer cos I'll be in Germany! (Bayern, to be exact!!)
Oh and congrats on the 5000 words and on the baby girl that's coming :)
And also, I LOVE disney movies!


Shannon have you seen this?



I was on BarnesandNoble.com and I went to look at River secrets and it says that its out.(well if you order it that it usually ships within 24 hours) I thought it didn't come out until September 5th. which is the day that I start school.


A little girl! Hurrah! What names do you like?
And I agree with you about moving - holy smokes! It's so hard! And you start to wonder how on earth you accumulated so many things over the years...seriously! Makes me think about "The Gospel According to Larry," we should all have only 75 items at a time!

shannon hale

We won't be naming the little girl until after we see her. And we won't be naming her any names from my books. I love that I get to make up names for characters and I think naming someone for a favorite book character is a wonderful idea, but not from your own book. Seems like it puts pressure on the poor kid. I do love the names Finn and Enna especially, though. I've already met people who named a dog or a cat Enna. Cute.


I recently met a cute little dog named Isi.
It made me smile.

I'm named after a character in a book: Lara in Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago. My parents preferred an alternate spelling, though.

What if my parents had instead been reading Dostoevsky?
Would Agrafena suit me?

Lauren A.

Do you know what the cover for Austenland looks like yet?

Jaya Lakshmi

I've been in school for several weeks now. We start early. I think our pirate statue came to life over the summer. It's now in the library with AC and all instead of just outside it under the hot sun. (Just kidding- I know that people moved it.)


Shannon: If you read this, I have a question. Where did you get the word "Bayern" from. Because my German teacher has a poster in her classroom that actually has "Bayern" written on it. When I saw it I had to do a double take. I was wondering if you had gotten Bayern from German or another language???


Never mind about that last entry. I just checked my German dictionary, haha.

Oh my goodness, a girl! You're so lucky, and so's Max. My parents insist on having boys...three of them...joy! (Naw. Boys are cool, but your daughter will have a big brother, which always rocks. Someone to beat up her boyfriends, lol.)


oh, i don't know why, but i was hoping she'd be a girl!!! yay!
poor shannon, that must be terrible. what book were you writing, btw?


i have twin little brothers, uh!
when my mum was expecting them, nd ppl said 2 me in tht really patronisin little kid speak;
"Now would you like a baby brother, or a baby sister?"
i always used to say,
"I'd like a big sister please,"
I've always drawn the short straw in life.
c'est la vie


I was hoping it would be a girl too...


Sweet little Magnolia Jane!

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