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July 22, 2006


Nunnya business

AHHHHHH! That was great! You are torturing me TORTURING! Why can't you just print it now?!?

Well *sigh* I guess good things come to those who wait...

Still Waiting...


i just read the first chapter of River Secrets and i am going to dye of anticipation for the whole book!! it is so good. i love reading new books and i can hardly wait for the rest!!!!

Nunnya business

Still waiting...


You had me sucked in at the first sentence!

Nunnya business

Random Question,

Does anyone know of a good site where I can get my manuscript read and critiqued by people?

This would be a big help. I found a few but they all charged money. Am I going to have to live with that? Or does anyone know of a site with free membership?


I love it!! I can't wait to read it......I wish it would come out sooner.....but I guess waiting is good for us!


hey that manuscript reading for free goes double for me!!! lauren whats your book or whatever you wrote about??


I can't wait to read the rest! Very intriguing beginning! I am so excited....thanks for putting the 1st chapter up.


Brilliant. You have just guaranteed that every person who reads your blog will go out and buy or borrow the book, just so they can find out what happens in Tira. September seems a long time coming!

Sam fr Australia

That was cruel... how can I possibly stop reading after just one chapter? LOL Can't wait for River Secrets now! I'll have to go re-read Goose Girl and Enna Burning in the meantime.

Nunnya business


Right now it is pretty lame.

It is a retelling of Atlantis and how it sunk. Told in the veiw of a 14 year old girl. And how she strives to raise it.
However I have a hard time because I skip around alot. It's difficult staying on one topic. I am only on page 8.

If anyone is intrested in critiquing it please let me know.


Wow, that was awesome - and yet so cruel.



That doesn't sound lame to me. That sounds like something I would like to read. If you want me to read it I will, but I am only 16 and only have my writing experience so I don't know if I would be the best to do read it and critique it. But if you would like me to I wouldn't mind at all.


I am sorry to say that I am just enjoying waiting and anticipating how wonderful this book is going to be too much read the first chapter. I read the prolouge, since you were so nice to post a bit of the tale for your anxious fans, but I am just one of those people who enjoys waiting patiently. Weird, huh? The prolouge was intruiging, but for me, it is really enjoyable to get excited and anxious and intruiged over a book and wait its release day...
And, by the way, I too avoid reading book jackets and summaries because I have a terrible fear of spoilers. I want to discover the plot for myself.

Jas fr Aus

NOO!!! I WANT MORE!!! haha wow that was so good I'm so excited! Nice work Shannon, can't wait to read it :)


I actually like to know what will happen at the end. Sometimes I sneak a skim of the last page, maybe the last two pages. Then, I go back to wherever I was in the book and read, intrigued at how the author unfolds the plot to get to the ending. I don't do this for all books, though. It's mostly just the ones that slow down too much in the middle. Goose Girl, Enna Burning and Princess Academy were all read in the correct order. :)


I love the way you put your words together like jewels to form your stories. Everything is so full of imagery. I love it:)
Thank you for being such a talented writer!

Nunnya business


Well I am only 14 so we make a good pair.

What do you say we continue this conversation via E-mail?

No one else seems to be listening.

Nunnya business

Back on the topic of spoilers,

I agree with Shannon and Lauren.

I went to go hear Shannon speak before I had read any of her books. As a consequence she told of things I didn't allready know. So the whole time I was reading "The Goose Girl" I was waiting for the specific events she mentioned. It made me feel like I had to read it faster to get to these parts. Then I did not process the information as well. So now I am reading it again.

Not that I blame you Shannon. How could you have known? Besides now I get to read the best book in the world again!


What do you mean by "critiguing"? And your book doesn't sound lame to me. All my stories are lame.

Nunnya business


1.A critical review or commentary, especially one dealing with works of art or literature.

2. A critical discussion of a specified topic.

3. The art of criticism.


Okay, okay! I get "critiquing". Oh, and I like critiguing other people's books. At least then I know I'm not the only kid writer out there.:) I'm not hinting here. I'm very, very inexperienced. But isn't everybody, besides of course Shannon?


Was that last comment not clear to you? Yes, I would like to critique your book. Do you want me? Cheers!

Nunnya business

Sure I will e-mail you!

Nunnya business

E-mail not working...


Holy cow-
AMAZING!! Strangely, I am enjoying this torture of reading only the first chapter. Sadly, my mom won't let me miss school to go get the book. *pout* I can't wait to read the rest!

Nunnya business


I share your pain. Mine wont either.


When your email does work, I wanted to warn you that the email address I enter is my mom's, since I don't have one. If you email me, just put "To Lindsey" in the subject line. She'll tell me it's there.

Nunnya business

K I might have sent you one. I'm not sure


I love you for posting that.

Nunnya business


Nunnya business

Duh sorry stupid question.

Shuting up staying on topic!


Lauren the Boodworm!! hello!!
umm so how do we exchange emails?? i just got a type pad thing or whatever. do you get them through that??

Nunnya business

I'll e-mail you now let's see if it works. You have to check your bulk some times it goes there.

P.S. This is the last off topic thing I will ever post. On my honor or may my head be chopped up and made into soup.


Internet Safety comment: (Business before pleasure) Just want to remind everyone to always follow internet safety rules when establishing a new contact through e-mail. I'm sure most everyone following this blog is a fairly nice person (I would like to think all of Shannon's fans are nice people). But sometimes people get taken by who they thought was a nice person. Just a mom's two cents and the echo of the voice of experience.

Now on to the pleasurable part of singing the praises of a wonderful author. My daughter, my dad and I all enjoy Shannon's books. (My daughter had to rush from the screen when she realized I was reading the first chapter of River Secrets since she's waiting for the whole book.) That's three generations that enjoy her books-pretty impressive of Shannon to span the generations. Way to go!


Ooh, exciting! It sounds really great, but there is one problem....
Ever since the end of Goose Girl, Isi, my favorite, has been a rather unimportant character.

Is Isi going to be the star in another book someday, Shannon?


Aaaah! Must read the rest now! I shall die of suspense! Aaaah!


Lauren and Marki-

I'm writing a book too. I'm 14, like Lauren. I hate it when people act like I'm too young to be writing a book. So, yeah, I think it's great that a lot of us teenagers have the gumption (or just the insanity to write books). I hope both of you have luck with yours! Better luck than I'm having with mine...

Sam fr Australia

LOL I'm also writing a book... or several. I have been working on my main two stories since I was 15 (one is fantasy, one is not) and I am now 22 and oping to get published within the next few years. I am currently having a friend read one (working title in Sinister Reasons, it's the non-fantasy one) while I work out some of the bugs in it and rewrite the first few chapters. Good luck with your writing and the main thing... have fun with it!


I agree with Lauren (musheebab). I read the prolouge then couldn't bring myself to read anymore. If I had read it, then when I finally get the book in September, I will have that much less to look forward too... Also: I peek at the back of books sometimes. Who cares if it a spoiler? I like the way Julie describes it. And I thought I was the only one who did this!
Lauren the bookworm and others: I share your pain with the book writing. But I recently got some very good advice that is helping me out. (Thanks Heather...) I can't believe how many other 14 year olds are writing like me!


Mads- Yes, it is very funny to be referred to as musheebab, but that's okay because it avoids confusion.
Sam- Good luck with your stories! It sounds like you are really serious about getting published, which seems like one of the most difficult steps in the writing process.

Sam fr Australia

Thanks Lauren... :)

Speaking of writing and getting others to read your work, be very careful how you go about doing it. I used to put my stories up on Fictionpress.com which was great when I started out and for getting feedback from others... it really helped me to develop my own writing. However, I also read on another writing website that if you are looking at getting published, a publisher may not accept if it has already been published on the Internet. There are more secure sites out there that allow members to read one each others work more privately without it being considered public... if I find one I will post to let you know.

I am currently a uni student studying in an education course and at the end of this year I will be a qualified English teacher for grades 6-12. It is nice to see that so many younger people are interested in writing too. Good luck to everyone!

Nunnya business

Cool jordan! Keep writing!

Thanx for the warnings guys! I talked so many times from my parents about internet saftey and I am tres careful. I never tell anyone where I live or my last name (unless I have met them)

It makes me feel good that you are all so concered.

P.S. Since their are two Laurens you are welcome to call me anything you like :) On my blog I am known as Bookworm if you want to call me that. Or you can call the other Lauren musheebab and me Lauren.

Ummmmm... Did that make sense?


I think if we just call you Lauren the Bookworm it will be perfectly clear. I have noticed there are a few other repeat names that post on this blog commenting area and it doesn't really seem to be a problem.


I can't beleive you! :P I must read this whole book! It's like giving someone a bite of chocolate then not letting them finish the cake. I am very impatiently awaiting the arrival of your new book. :)

Marcus Aurelius

Now just hold on one darned minute...

Isi's baby is named after the Sandpeople? *Winks broadly to nerds everywhere.*

I think I've figured out the surprise ending to this book already, Shannon. Razo can see dead people, right?

Okay. Enough dumbness. I hope to be seeing YOU at the King's English, getting me some sweet, sweet Bayern action! I think you've got another winner on your hands here.

Nunnya business


Have you not been paying attention to all the talk of spoilers being BAD?!?!?!

Nunnya business


We have been talking about looking for people to critique our work totally forgetting that you were once in our position.

What did you do when you wanted to polish your work? Before you got an editor I mean. Did you do it all yourself? Did your parents or friends help? I know a few of us would love to know.

Nunnya business

P.S. Marcus,

Don't rub it in that you get to be Shannon's friend. You may make me cry. *sniffle*


Um, Lauren, I think that Marcus was just joking about the ending.... :o)

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