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January 19, 2006



Congratulations!!! That is so exciting to have your novel accepted. (Except.... 2008?! Sigh.)

Now I'm curious to know "how" you and Dean work together! When you first mentioned the idea, I thought you'd be the story, he'd be the art... Obviously my theory was wrong, or am I missing something?


Wow, I have never really thought about reading a comic that's novel-length long. But that's cool, since I'm a visual person. Congrats on the offer.


That looks really cool. I don't usually read graphic novels, but I'll definitely make an exception for this one.


Well, I know I'll be reading your graphic novel, I'm a huge fan of the old belgian/french comics Tintin and Asterix. Whether or not I'll be seeing this disney movie, I don't know. I'm still nursing the wound of how they butchered The Little Mermaid.... Anyways, I anxiously await rapunzel's revenge!

Jaya Lakshmi

TOTALLY TOTALLY AWESOME! I've just been accepted as a comic book reviewer on this site (Comic Book Guy, www.comicbookguy.com, I think) and I'll stay around long enough to read Rapunzel's Revenge.
And your husband co-wrote this? That explains the dry wit humor in the few pages that you've posted up.

The Husband

While I do hope I contribute some wit, dry or otherwise, to this effort, I'm afraid I must admit that Shannon wrote pretty much all of the sample page stuff you see here. Probably most of the funny that is in the final book will be Shannon's, since we're discovering *my* stuff often "doesn't serve the plot." I had a genius scene about 10 talking hamsters all named Todd that we just cut. It's sad, really.


This is Awsome! Congralations on getting it accepted! I'm so excited to read it! 2008 seems forever away...

shannon hale

I must pipe up here and confess that the talking Todds was hysterical and one of my most favorite things ever. We're going to have such a fabulous Deleted Scenes section on the website for this book! But no worries, dreadcrumbs fans, there'll be plenty of Dean meat in the final version. He handcrafted the character of Mr. Giggles...ah, you're all in for a real treat...

Esme W.

I can't wait to read it! This books seems so different from your norm, it makes me wonder what else you will do in your career. I love your female characters that kick ass. They are what every girl ought to be. Just by reading one of those pages, I could tell that it was most likely out of Dean's head, but I'm 9/10 of the time wrong. It doesn't seem you. You are more poetic in your writing, and Dean tends to be a little more humorous (no offense to anyone) and I think together, this book is going to be awesome!

Esme W.

I mean the third page from the left. What the boy says seems like what Dean would write...not that I'm trying to analyze both of you: )

Esme W.

Oh, not that's so sad of me. I didn't even read the rest of the comments. And that was all you, Shannon! You see? I have absolutely no skill in analyzing work. I would be a horrible critic. Ah, well. There is always a career in...waitressing. Better upgrade that 9/10 to a 10/10 times of being wrong.

Jaya Lakshmi

Well, reading the comments from above, I think that when you do a deleted scenes section, the Talking Todds scene is either going to be very funny or very cute. (Either way, I'll be happy!)
And Dean, don't worry. Your part will shine in when it gets published, I bet.


That's so cool. I'm a big fan of graphic novels (my dad works in the business) so I can't wait for this. Graphic novels + one of my favorite authors - what could be better?
Eagerly anticipating.


That sounds wonderful! What a great idea! I'm completely looking forward to it.


Your graphic novel sounds amazing to the seventeenth power. I can't wait to read it, although the anticipation may, in fact, kill me. Maybe the 10 hamsters named Todd can help to revive me.:-D

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